No.1 D5 Android Smartwatch with Mediatek MTK6572: A Year-End Quickie

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Published on January 27, 2016

No.1 D5 on
No.1 knows how to end 2015 in grace. This No.1 D5 Android smartwatch is an encouraging attempt to get into the serious Android wearable league.
It is a nice extension of your Android smartphone with its Mediatek MTK6572 chipset and stand-alone Play store. Oh, it is said to be also compatible with iOS…

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  1. Just have a few questions. Can you reply back to text messages on the watch? Also, will all incompatible apps display as a square screen? I saw google maps was like this and that's kind of a turn off for me. Thanks!

  2. Hi, nice review! Can i ask you 1 thing though, does it have a sleep monitor feature, or can it be install via play store?

  3. Did you check this smartwatch working on IOS ?

  4. Thank you for doing this very helpful review!

    Quick question, would you think this watch would be bulky, heavy, or too large for a woman's wrist?

  5. I guess you can find a better standalone round display, is name is: "Awatch Comet"

  6. But it doesn't fall or move while walking or anything right??

  7. NHC2000

    Great review, here in Panama this model is not available as the market is currently dominated by Samsung war, Sony and Cogito (Being Cogito the less expensibe option). Definately this is a good option. Thanks again!

  8. Hey, but what about SIM-card slot? As for the info from No.1 official site there is only one version of this device and it should have SIM-card slot in it!
    Please, open the back of the watch and check it. It is very important thing to many of us.
    Thank you!

  9. whats is your country? you said google service is blocked

  10. Alessio

    Thanks, finally a good review, all the others keep swithcing whatchfaces, so annoing!!

  11. Thank you for the quick review that has answered some of the questions I had about this smartwatch. I was wondering if the watch band is replaceable or are there sensors embedded in it? I have just ordered the smartwatch and I look forward to receiving it in a few weeks.

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