No.1 D6 Smartwatch / Phone – Android 5.1 on your WRIST!

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Home Watches No.1 D6 Smartwatch / Phone – Android 5.1 on your WRIST!
Published on October 22, 2016

Is it a watch that runs Android or a phone that resembles a watch O.o Check out our full Unboxing and Review to get all of the details!



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  1. Are your reviews products you receive for free? If so and you resell them, please say so.

  2. next time you prepare a review to a wrist watch, try to put on your wrist… even if only for photography

  3. Mrburnx

    can you put a password on it?

  4. If you want a round full android watch check out the finow x5 or just go to smartwatch ticks channel

  5. How did u instal nova launcher
    I tried but cudnot install please help

  6. does he got mic & speaker for voice calls?

  7. How has the watch been for you since you posted the video?????

  8. In this video show you barometer 2x, but near Heart rate not one. Why? It is not working ?? I dont know, what i do with barometer, but when it has FM radio, i know what with it 😉 And too much time in video over clock at end.

  9. Is compatible with mobile phone. I think the bluetooth connection

  10. ha……i was just thinking of getting a smartwatch….holla at me

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