No.1 G5 Bluetooth Sports Smartwatch Unboxing & Review from Gearbest

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Home Watches No.1 G5 Bluetooth Sports Smartwatch Unboxing & Review from Gearbest
Published on December 25, 2016

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No.1 G5 Bluetooth Sports Smartwatch Unboxing & Review from Gearbest

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  2. Da Is

    Apple watch clone

  3. i like all of your videos and watch them every day keep up all the good work

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  8. Do you like all these watches that run non-android wear or non-pebble-OS that can't really use custom apps?

  9. ttlog

    Assuming it uses the same circuitry as the No.1 G3, the heart rate monitor is fake (just green LEDs). Just walk a bit and test it in comparison with eg. Xiaomi mi band.

  10. thanks for another great review. would love to see a test of the fitness aspects of the smart watches; heart rate and sleep monitoring, pedometer, etc.

  11. You get what you pay for. It's a good looking watch, well made for the money but the heart rate monitor is a joke. The fundo app is bad and mine stopped functioning after 5 days.

  12. The creator of this watch is more creative than the iWatch clones

  13. nice video! you should show a feature that nobody shows, the music player working, and you should send this video to gear best because it is very good, one of my favouristes videos of review of no.1 g5! congratulations :D

  14. couka

    Liked and ordered 🙂 Thanks for the review!

    lg, couka

  15. I bought the Ourtime X01s. I love it. Now I'm looking for a watch for my daughter. It needs to have sim and SD card slot, small and colorful, and preferably ip rated. Any suggestions? She's 11.

  16. Can it connect via blu2 to beats earphones?

  17. What is the better smart watch in the price of 40$ in your opinion?

  18. SXI96

    is this water resistant for everyday wear? washing hands? etc.

  19. Which one is better? No. 1 G3 or G5? I do not know what I should buy! The only difference seems to be aesthetic and price. Help me please!

  20. iGi mö

    i subscribe because i love smart watch a lot like this one u unboxed, thanks for the vid.. keep it up

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