OLED Laptop?? Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga! – CES 2016

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Published on January 24, 2016

Lenovo did not disappoint this year with their new Thinkpad!

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  1. The Link doesn't look that cool to me when I already use a wired connection with SideSync on my Samsung phone.

  2. 路尧


  3. Peter K

    I think one of the first customer laptop with oled screen that I am actually waiting for and you gave it like 5 seconds of this video, shame would like to know more just about the screen

  4. MoDRun

    dont care about lenovo. they can go away with their fishies and all that

  5. So that Lenovo link is basically like Samsung SideSync but just not locked to only Samsung phones, only down side is if the 32GB flash drive is a requirement to run the software.

  6. Thinkpad still has the ugliest business design of all time. Feels like they haven't changed it since the 90s.

  7. I love OLED screens… still waiting for an OLED monitor…
    I don't like AirDroid…

  8. Could this be a Surface Pro Destroyer? We could sure use some.

  9. Id honestly take Lenovo's laptop keyboard over my mechanical keyboard anyday.

  10. Why does Lenovo fucking HAVE TO put that god awful red pimp in the middle of every keyboard? Whenever I'm considering buying one of their laptops, it throws me off again.

  11. squaarespacee build it bootiful !

  12. I think he meant NVME, unless he's talking about majorly-volatile memory express.

  13. damn planned obsolescence ,all laptops or at least ultrabooks should have had oleds for the last 6 years at least now , i hope it is a flexible unbreakable oled at least too
    the are more energy efficient there no reason to still be using regular lcd IPS displays anymore in portables

  14. The only thing cool about the Link is the software and capability to seamlessly integrate your phone on your desktop. Even then, I can have the same experience right now with AirDroid (as Luke mentioned) and connecting my phone to my computer via media sync.

    I guess the rather cool use case for it is if you can't access your phone's storage while using USB tethering, so you can tether and transfer files at the same time? :/

  15. BUILD IT BEAUTIFUL! I love how he warned us in the wan show that he was going to go ham with the build it beautiful!

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