OnePlus X vs Honor 5X: Best Budget Smartphone?

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Home Mobile Phones OnePlus X vs Honor 5X: Best Budget Smartphone?
Published on March 27, 2016

The Huawei Honor 5X vs OnePlus X, two budget smartphones both well under $300! Which of these, OnePlus X or Honor 5X, is the best?

  1. Only Band 4 support for 4g lte on one plus x makes this a easy choice. Honor 5x it is

  2. 5 hrs of sot on OPX, were are talking real life performance not ridicilous benchmarks lol i could barely reach 3 hours, thats why i sold this phone after a week.

  3. Samsung Galaxy On5 just for 8190/-
    Dual SIM (4G + 4G)
    5 Inch HD TFT Display
    8MP | 5MP Camera
    2600 mAh Battery and much more… Check out yourself!

  4. I've been meaning to upgrade my phone i still have a NEXUS 4 from 2012! I was never a big fan of HUAWEI but this HONOR 5X looks like a good deal what do you guys think?

  5. oneplus 1 was clocked at 2.5 GHz and oneplus x is clocked at 2.3 ghz

  6. The extra 4 cores on the Honor 5x don't add to performance. 4 are more powerful than the other 4 and they don't run at the same time. And the adreno 330 in the oneplus x's sd801 is better than the adreno 405 in the honor 5x's 615.

  7. Oneplus X is trash it's a 2014 spec phone. You can get 2014 flagships at $200 with better specs than this trash. So definitely the 5x wins it

  8. heard oneplus x can't run lte on ATT.. this really kills it for me.

  9. wich one to get i am confused .
    i just want a good phone for watching movies and media

  10. Can you compare the honor 5x to the Oneplus One? I'm mainly interested in the camera between these 2 devices.

  11. Dude how could you say that they both are buttery smooth?? The Huawei was lagging so bad it made me cringe!

  12. Nerv

    opx is missing bands 12 and 17 tho sooooo honor x5

  13. Chief B

    You should review a Letv 1s

  14. Dude no offense, but you didn't even mention the killer future of 5x – fingerprint scanner.

  15. Hi!
    it is Stock android running on the Honor 5X?


  16. Hey dude help, can you confirm me if the Honor have Gorilla Glass or other form of protection for the screen??

  17. Oneplus x has much better GPU than honor 5x.

  18. i think so far one plus reign in the budget department, their phones are flagships just like the big brands but at 250-380 dollars range. It is incredibly great quality for an incredibly low price, sometimes even better than the big brands, that's a lot to say

  19. Why was there no mention of band support. I have wanted to buy the one plus x but the lack of knowledge of the real world different between LTE speeds and HSPA + leaves a lot of consumers in the dark.

  20. Ore 20

    if only honor 5x ran kirin chipset :(

  21. Mahen Kumar

    What is the price for Honor 5x Global?

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