OUKITEL A29 Sapphire Glass Screen, Water Resistant, smartwatch, $60

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Home Watches OUKITEL A29 Sapphire Glass Screen, Water Resistant, smartwatch, $60
Published on March 25, 2016

OUKITEL A29 http://bit.ly/1PRChfD

Smart Watch
2G:GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Bluetooth 4.0
Android , IOS
Gravity Sensor; Heart Rate Sensor;
Camera Control;Message Control,Media Control;Hand-Free Calls;
Community Share, Alarm Clock, Find My Device, Stopwatch,
Timer, Sleep Tracker,Activity Tracker
Water Resistant,
320mAh battery
Tri-axial, 3D Acceleration

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  1. Can you respond to texts on this device?

  2. Hi there, I've got one too and it doesn't seem to take SIM card. How about yours?

  3. Excellent review J.. Samsung Knights will always support

  4. subscribe to this great man challenge if you want honest information J. Will is the man

  5. I want this watch. Totally lo E your videos. Your details, insight, and thorough yet efficient descriptions say enough without saying too much. Totally envious of your skill sets.

  6. For HRM to work, there should be some space between your wrist and the watch. This holds true for all HRMs.

  7. Just tried mine with the 'fun do' app instead of mediatek. Working great. Everything works including the heart monitor. Only thing is if fun do and the watch gets disconnected I can't seem to reconnect until I restart the phone. Hope this helps.

  8. The heart rate monitor would probably work a lot better if it was under the wrist, as your heart rate is much more distinct there.

  9. Apparently it's not the watch that is the reason some functions don't work. From what I've seen its mediatek that needs updating to android 5 lollipop.

  10. it workshop Better with android but its simpel and does the job dont want tons of sh.. on there i dont use realy good watch for the money

  11. Jose P

    wheres the link to get this watch …have you or anyone else tried this on a android device. Wonder if siri would work on android

  12. Does the watch turn on when flipping your wrist to look at it?… Just curious

  13. For a moment I thought scrolling through the menus by shaking your wrist would be practical when you have your hands busy, like when carrying several grocery bags. But then I realized you still need one or two fingers available on the other hand in order to actually select an item from the menu, rendering the shaking thing impractical and gimmicky. Still, an impressive watch from $60.

  14. You look like Draymond Green bro

  15. J Will. What's up man? Happy New year! Where can I buy this watch? How is the app support?

  16. Not bad for 60.00, it shouldn't matter but I wonder if you had the Heart M. under your wrist will it work? Nice review.

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