Piecing Game of Thrones S7 Together – Part 1

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Published on December 13, 2016

In this video I go through all of the leaked pictures, videos and confirmed spoilers from the filming news of Game of Thrones Season 7 and I use them all as evidence Sherlock style to piece Season 7’s plot together (I’m not talking about the leaked plot). Part 2 coming soon!

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  1. Up to 4 episodes at Dragonstone? So 6 and 7 will be the meeting to show Cersei the Wight.

  2. Also will be sort of sad when high garden gets taken. I think that will be the ambush afterwards.before she kills herself with poison

  3. Lindo video, trabajo impresionante y armado muy bien, como siempre. Ahora perdón por el comentario: tu corte nuevo me encanta.

  4. You are quite thorough! Nice job – – looking forward to the next one!

  5. your video is Awesome..
    Please try to edit this one with your old hairstyle 🙁
    Let Sansa get her Hair dyed ;)

  6. you look so different but i am sure you are the same person.we all still love you.

  7. wat did u do to ur hair i dont like it i liked your old one

  8. Thanks for the vid Val, some very good points based on actual things that are/have been going on with the show.Do you think it's Jons dragon that says hello on the stairs?

  9. Val you need to upload more, even if it's not Game of Thrones related. I want your channel to grow, I really do, but it won't happen without regular uploads. Loved the video btw soo hyped.

  10. Lovely looking girl no matter how ur hair is! Great video, thanks for that.

  11. Beautiful hair style! You still have a a very youthful face but the new do makes you look older! Nice!

  12. big loads of cool stuff you fitted together, thanks Val

  13. There's no correct pronounciation names of characters in asoiaf universe. (i totally rekt the "pronounciation" word in spelling)

  14. Cupofgo

    Amazing work on this video Val! Gendry finally gets to stop rowing!!!

  15. This was an awesome video very interesting Val thank you. Since all the main actors are now in Westeros does that mean the end of all the provinces in the east for the rest of the show ? Also do you think that Jamie and Bronn will ever meet Tyrion again and have a conversation together or will just be for a second on the battlefield before some of them die 😉 keep up the great work.

  16. You look very cute, Val. I like the color too!

  17. Stinkeh

    K you've just done that to get views, typical Youtuber.

  18. Siretch

    Is three weeks a good guess on when Val will release her next video?

  19. Its looking like the leaked plot is true. Same as the story went last year. People will hold out till the last episode to admit its true like I did last year.

  20. Val…r u trying to become the red woman

  21. doesnt Val need more colour on her face and nake to work with that hair. I'm thinking colurful make up and a necklace. But she will always looks great. She could just hop out of bed and stil look awesome.
    I would love to see a video were she has been up for 24 hours talking wierd shit and ending with her falling asleep face down on her keyboard. then waking up with some keys stuck to her face and cheetos in her hair. But I'm weird

  22. Very awesome,in depth video. Its great that you Sherlocked the season based upon factual ddeductions and not hearsay spoiler gossip. Keep the videos coming! And BTW your hair looks great, glad to see the hat go, although it was okay too. Feliz Navidad .

  23. Great hair! Looks fab! Wear it proudly!

  24. What the Fff… sorry.. nice du Val :)

  25. Love your hair, looks really nice.

  26. Your haircut looks great. You've got style girls, that's why it is so much fun to watch your videos (-;

  27. Dang in the scene where Danny ambushes the Lannister forces, Jamie and Tyrion will be face to face? Danny and Jamie (killed her dad)!

  28. Val, no need to worry. Looking good!

  29. Love your videos! Seen every one! And your hair looks fab!! XX

  30. You look like a Final Fantasy character! really cute.

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