Professional. How to vinyl wrap laptop. Chrome vinyl wrap laptop. By @CKWRAPS

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Home Computers & Laptops Professional. How to vinyl wrap laptop. Chrome vinyl wrap laptop. By @CKWRAPS
Published on December 16, 2016 @CKWRAPS

  1. What kind of wrap do you think beginners should start with. And what vinyl brand do you recommend. Thanks :)

  2. Thanks for taking the time to do this and upload it. It was a great demonstration and turned out as well as I had hoped. Gonna try this on my old laptop and see how it comes out, too. Lenovo is a great old laptop to have as I understand they were built like tanks!

    Anyway thanks again and looking forward to more demonstrations!

  3. Great videos and thanks for posting all of these! I've particularly enjoyed your recent ones wrapping your mom's Elantra in red chrome! Great job btw!

    I'm a beginner wrapper and your vids are informative, interesting, and motivational, particularly when I get to a difficult area in wrapping something–I watch your vids and get a boost that it can be done! Keep posting!

    I do have some requests:
    – Wrapping rear bumpers, but particularly addressing those deep concave curves on the inside of the bumper where the trunk or hatch meets the bumper and the tail light (which often includes 3 sided corners!)
    – General thoughts/commentary/examples of when it's better to do inlays rather than try to wrap in one piece
    – Close up videos of wrapping corners, particularly "sharp" triangular corners like where the fender/headlight/hood meet (I get a good wrap around, but get those stupid wrinkles on the inside)

  4. How about wrapping a computer case? a lot of PC modders might like this.

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