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Published on March 16, 2016

The review of the Q18 Smartwatch.

  1. Hey I order the same watch off wish and it doesn't have the penguin help with Sony Xperia 5

  2. Redskull how can you turn off the unlock sensor, at every minute the watch is unlocker if i move…

  3. Can I connect it to the phone without NFC?

  4. why does no one on videos show how the Facebook icon works? also can you get email?

  5. how do you take it out of Chinese mode

  6. can I use this like the gear 2..make calls,text,receive them as well with out a sim card.

  7. Finally someone to explain us everything about this kind of watches. Thank you.

  8. can you download Apps on this Smartwatch?

  9. I have ordered one. What if u use internet from your phone, not smartwatch, does the browser works?

  10. Best smart watch for low budget

  11. +ResSkull It's such a good looking watch

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