QiKU Terra Smartphone Review with Pros & Cons

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Published on January 17, 2016

QiKU Terra smartphone full review with pros & cons the QiKU has 6″ screen is powered by the Snapdragon 808 chipset it has 3GB RAM 16GB Internal storage it is dual-sim device it also has a 13MP rear / 8MP front facing camera and I share my experience using the QiKU terra in this video review.

My other videos on QikU Terra https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKNnr_DLXXq-OYsvacVGu26q

You can purchase it via https://gadgets360.com/shop/qiku-q-terra-silver-16-gb-3235322d333938

  1. what about lenovo k4 note
    and when you will do the review

  2. 1. Oppo R7 Plus
    2. Letv Le Max
    3. Huawei Ascend Mate 7
    4. Xiaomi mi note
    5. Nexus 6
    6. Qiku 808
    Which phone should i buy? I need big screen, fast browsing,good battery life and a good camera.

  3. Sir in some of the reviews I saw a problem of some apps showing not compatible error from the google play store.
    Sir can you confirm it

  4. +RanjitKumar why don't you organise some giveaways like other channels?

  5. sir will u please give a opinion about LG magna and asus zenfone 2 laser
    im confused which one should i buy sir ??
    waiting for answers sir , thank you :)

  6. please do review on asus zenfone max

  7. Please do a dedicated video for android web browsers

  8. plz a5 samsung worth to buy or not reply. on twitter also u dont reply. plz tell 5 inch screen.

  9. Sir should i go with this phone or the yu yutopia or wait for mi5 ?

  10. 7:18

    OIS is a hardware solution, the lens moves in the counter direction to compensate for insignificant displacement, ie. minor hand shaking. This mainly benefits still capture in low light conditions. It has little effect on video recording as the displacement it can overcome is relatively small.

    Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) offer
    techniques to correct shaky motion in video. The motion of the camera is either directly measured using
    a gyro (EIS) or by estimating the motion from the image (DIS). The view frame is then moved within the
    wider field of vision (FOV) of the camera, removing the shaky motion in the recorded video.

  11. Man! same problem could not find screen on screen time on my lenovo tab 2 a7 10 how to find out

  12. demalih

    I'm curious how does this compare to Sony C5 Ultra in terms of camera quality

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