Razer’s Thinnest, Most Affordable Gaming Laptop

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Published on January 23, 2016

Peter got to check out the recently announced Razer Blade Stealth at CES 2016. The lightweight laptop features a 4K screen, and can be plugged into a desktop GPU when you need the extra power.

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  1. No DDR 4 and only a Duel-Core? Good luck getting that to run without bottlenecks. Every new GPU under Direct X 12. Is going to be written for DDR4. In addition to Quan-Core & up. All that Core unit is going to be good for is a space heater under this configuration, just saying.

  2. How are the graphics without the Razer Core?

  3. so I'm wondering. can you light game (minecraft, Sims 4, Garrys mod) on the stealth w/o the core attached?

  4. should i buy this for 999$?

    and wait for the core and i hope that it would be cheap?

    or buy the asus gl552vw dh-71?

  5. Lol why are people complaining about this? The price of this is completely affordable compared to other ultra books out there. For $999 you get 1440p monitor (4K starts at $1,399. Check their website) and a 6th gen i7.. It's nice that you can carry it wherever and use it like a normal laptop, then whenever you want to do some gaming just plug and play.. If the laptop will automatically detect and switch to the external gpu then it's pretty solid. I personally don't care enough to build a pc right now (waiting till I get my big boy job so I can justify dropping a few grand on a nice setup with the boost in income) a college student so a laptop is a much more conventional tool for me. I constantly take it to my classes and this would do that just just fine. Just my two cents though..

  6. I'll never buy that razer junk again. I got a controller from them once, after 1 month the right trigger stopped working, which somhoe fixed itself again in another 2-3 months. Then the joystick rubbers melted from the temprature of my hands. I don't get why people buy this junk other then for the looks.

  7. Wayland

    Wow really cool idea. gaming laptop and destop in one. Think I will wait some years to see this new thing perfected/cheaper.

  8. from a purely ultrabook perspective, $999 is a good deal considering the 6th gen i7, 8gb ram and QHD. for similar specs from other manufacturers, those kind of specs will set you back $1250+
    since i'm not much of gamer, i couldn't care less about buying the Razer Core.

  9. Pat Kog

    He is dodging questions like Neo dodges bullets
    But nonetheless, very nice piece of work!

    And it will be a cheap trick – first reasonaly priced laptop, then they will play a nasty trick with Razor Core price (look at how he dodged question in the end)

  10. How will minesweeper run on this laptop?

  11. I'd like to have this just for the build quality and lightweight aspects. Sure you could get similar performance from something cheaper but it just won't be as tough or flashy

  12. pretty macbook, creative design. fuck off'

  13. Qnomei

    Everything about this screams bullshit. Who would spend more than $500 for an i7 laptop with integrated graphics? And 40gbs of data transfer for whatever external GPU you put in their expensive box? Good luck getting a fraction of the power a gtx 980 can give you with that kind of data rate. That's the kind of speed a low end card with ddr3 will give you. A decent laptop can be expensive, but even if it cost the same as this setup, the performance at that price would be way higher, especially with that huge eGPU bottleneck.

  14. MrToad

    terrible interview…your questions were all over the place.

  15. Dear gamers never ever buy PC gaming laptop !

  16. today's tech/gaming industry… in a 3 min video _tis all lies and gimics

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