Real History Behind Game of Thrones (Explained by Historians & George R.R. Martin)

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Home Games Real History Behind Game of Thrones (Explained by Historians & George R.R. Martin)
Published on January 17, 2017

This is the real history behind GoT explained by historians and GRRM!

  1. who is Ramsay based on, I wonder? the infamous King Ferrante of Naples would come to mind, but Ramsay doesn't display his victims like a taxidermist does with stuffed animals. Personality wise, he is very similar to Uday Hussein (one of Saddam Hussein's sons), who likewise had a penchant for sadistically mutilating and torturing people.

  2. thought Tyrion Lannister is based on Donald Trump

  3. Had to laugh at the pronunciation of "samurai" as sam-you -eye

  4. Be warned, the ads are about 10X louder than the video itself.

  5. Hadrian's wall was actually just for taxes for imports and exports and not for defense at all!

  6. Very good documentary!

  7. So what happened to the white walkers in the war of the roses? :-P

  8. Ceren

    Lady, YOU look monstrous.

  9. Big R

    How could Sansa be an amalgamation of every single daughter of noble people in the middle ages?  You think parents thought of their daughters ONLY as bargaining chips?  Think it was commonplace for a noble family to set their daughters up with a guy like Joffrey? And then to a Bolton?  Sansa had it far worse then the average medieval noble woman.  As far as arranged marriages go, theyre probably more likely to be happy and successful than the average first marriage in modern America is.

  10. Big R

    3237 The Huns did NOT spend all their time on horseback!  COME ON!  "they slept on horseback they made love on horseback" blah blah blah.  Really?  They give birth on horseback I suppose?  They took a crap on horseback?  Ever heard of a yurt?  Do your homework, I mean, seriously….the Huns weren't a tribe in a fantasy novel, nobody spends all their life on top of a damn horse its stupid.

  11. So if Dany is Henry VII and Sansa is Elizabeth of York .. Does that mean Dany and Sansa will marry and unite the North and the South ? Hhahahaha ! I actually see Dany as a mix between Cleopatra and Elizabeth Tudor, Elizabeth was denied of her birth right at first and struggled for a long time before she finally sat on the throne.

  12. Me Me

    Richard the turd was defeated by the Kurdish warrior Saladin

  13. someone should tell GRRM that they found Richard III in a parking lot & he did have a deformity. it wasn't hunchback but it was a curved spine which made him look like he had a hunchback

  14. They cocked up. When they talked about The Black Dinner they showed a picture of James II of ENGLAND, who was James VII of Scotland…

  15. I started watching the video 'cause it was presented to me with Loras' picture, but they didn't even mention him

  16. Unless scope wilderness loyalty pan curriculum one.

  17. Can anyone else tell me of anymore GOT documentaries? thanks.

  18. Is Game of thrones is a legend? Did it really happened before?

  19. 22:28 that's not James II of Scotland, that's James the VII of Scotland and II of England… Tut tut

  20. So, what part did dragons play? You never mention the real historic dragons ://

  21. The Scots today would be offended being compared to wildlings?

  22. I love Game of thrones because of the books.I don't hear well and can't find closed caption on the the show

  23. So Henry Tudor is who? Jon Snow? Aegon Blackfyre? Jamie Lannister? Dany is easily modeled off of Mary Queen of the Scots. And Tyrion is NOT a Lannister, Tywin's last lines "Your no son of mine" so completely dont see Tyrion as Richard.

  24. How can you mention Edward I Longshanks without mentioning Edward III and the Black Prince…who are they? They invaded foreign lands (France), the prince died before the King although within a year of each other, his son becomes King Richard II who was overthrown by the Yorks/Lancasters precurser to the War of the Roses. So Question WHO IS Edward III & The Black Prince? The war of the Ninepenny Kings makes sense timeline wise. It could be Jason Lannister who led the Westerland forces while Tytos his brother sat at Casterly Rock with Gerold Lannister being Edward III. Interesting to think about….

  25. alpalpalpalpalpalpalpalpalpalpalpalpalpalpalpalpalpalpalp

  26. This gave inspiration for many different projects; in high school my art teacher aways talked about, reference drawing or references art. Where you take the basic premise of the various picture, idea, concepts and help use that for inspiration. & that is what I got from this, to help me many ideas, and what I should look for. Nothing I am doing is of this time period, but still this gets the point across. With looking for ideas, and coming up with things that make scripts, books, writing in general better stories. Even in the case of poetry, it is the same case. I really enjoyed this alot, and I have taken a lot of advice from this.

  27. I'm surprised they never specifically mentioned Elizabeth Woodville, Edward IV's wife and mother of the princes in the tower. She and her family closely resemble Cersei and the Lannisters in general.

  28. the sooft music is from somewhere

  29. Awesome video! Really enjoyed it! :)

  30. I always thought Dany had a bit of Mary I of Scotland in her. I mean: only surviving (legitimate) child who was a baby when they had to be sent elsewhere. They had arranged marriages to powerful men (Drogo in Dany's case, Francis II of France in Mary's), but both their husbands died shortly after. They were both trying to reclaim the thrones that by inheritance belonged to them. And as for personality: they were both fierce, and also generous. They both loved the open air and animals. Also, they were impulsive and, at times, tactless.
    I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I see a resemblance.

  31. Hastings betrayed his king at one point, if Toby Clements' (fully recommend for mediaeval fighting adventure!) Winter Pilgrims books are right?

  32. i thought the red wedding was from welsh history (forgot name of incident) and the ice wall on the great wall of china

  33. a mamluk slave could become king, slavery in those days was not what it became under europeans in the americas

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