Roundup: Up & Coming Smartphone Brands from China

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Home Mobile Phones Roundup: Up & Coming Smartphone Brands from China
Published on February 5, 2016

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Jayce talks about how Chinese OEMs are having a major impact!

  1. excellent video I just replaced my Lumia 930 for Xiaomi mi4c and love it, biggest reason, LCD, hate amoled, and OTA updates, still its developer roms, but I get an update every friday and the updates are damn stable

  2. please tell me about the "invitation" thingy in order to buy the 1+ phone

  3. Meizu is by far the best

  4. Real

    What about Lenovo and Lenovo K3 Note

  5. xiaomi looks more like lumia series than iphone

  6. xiaomi mi5 is coming
    I like these guys they don't release smartphone every month like samsung
    mi4 is 2 yrs old now it's great not like Samsung or HTC or any the release smartphone every month if you gonna buy Samsung phone put that in your mind you will buy it now and after 9months new one will be in markets and your phone will be in half price

  7. My back up phone is a OnePlus One. It's a brilliant bit of kit.

  8. chelez

    Knew 'em all.
    But then again, I'm a geek.

  9. letv seems nice i wonder if you can watch KBS shows but we love to see camera comparision

  10. How about Cubot are they any good ?

  11. what do you think the best china smartphone ?
    I need your opinion?
    what do you prefer from ( oppo r7 plus – one plus one – xiaomi mi note pro – mezui mx4: mx5 : mx4 pro – letv x 800)
    sorry about my language

  12. +1 for using baymax on the thumbnail! ^_^

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