S8 Preview: The Song of Ice & Fire! – Game of Thrones Season 8

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Published on October 27, 2017

Welcome back to Talking Thrones. Now that I just finished watching the Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale I want to give my initial thoughts looking forward to Game of Thrones Season 8.

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  1. What did I miss. How do Theon and Brienne know that Jamie Pushed Bran out of the tower?

  2. Season 8 is going to blow you away.

  3. I think Jamie may be killed when he gets to Winterfell

  4. Honest thought.. Jon hasn't cared for power, let alone ever wanted it. I think that is something a lot have missed. Season after season, he has said this. So why now would he change his mind, when he finds out he's the true lineage to the throne? Jon follows a code of honor, instilled in him by the Stark family. The two he's always been closest to were Bran and Arya. I'm not sure where season 8 will go, but one thing I know for sure.. He's a stark and they have values.

  5. Andie

    I believe that Jamie will be helpful in the war to come- as a battle commander, mainly, for the North/Westeros vs Night King. Not sure that "Bran" will care much about the window, since he's "not really" Bran anymore.

  6. I think that Bran will remember. But won't tell anyone but Jamie. In true Eye of the Raven form, Bran will treat it as if it happened to someone else and doesn't matter. Jamie will die when he is told by Bran to save Jon. He is redeemed by honoring Bran's last wish before he dies. Jamie's body will be sent back to Cercei, where she will mourn him, the same way she mourned the rest of her family. Then she will enter the fight against the others to avenge him.

  7. I think Jamie will kill his sister, join the war and salvaging the Lannister house by bending the knee to whoever is heir to the iron throne

  8. Go through the books and pay attention to dragon reproduction… that is why Daenerys can have a child…

  9. She won't let Jamie near the starks. Reason is the oth she took.

  10. daenrys targaryen will die in season 8 watch plot leeks of GOT 8 on my channel !!

  11. I feel like the dead will go to iron island with dragons and finish them first,( easy targets) and then start destroying from south (easy pray cause the dead know that there is more defence on north and they need the bigger the better undead army

  12. Bran knows it was Jaime, and if he doesn't he will see it when Jaime comes to winterfell, he might remember when he sees him.

  13. Roses are dead,
    Viserion is blue,
    If you think this has a happy ending,
    shame of you!

  14. I personally don't think they will do anthing to Jamie. Or maybe I want to believe that bc I really am hoping the best for Jamie… I love the whole evil to good redemption arch.

  15. I think bran will forgive Jaime for he has turned his back on cersie but has vowed to return the ice sword to house stark and reforge the sword and do some right for his wrong doin to house stark. Jamie also will offer the Lannister army to Jon snows army in offer to pledge his life in return. They need all the men they can get and never forget Jamie is a great swordsman.

  16. I don't see Bran accusing Jaime of pushing him of the tower in front of everybody or in front of anyone in fact. i suppose it will come out in more private chat or something alike and it'll force Jaime once again to face the past and therfore it'll complete his change in to good character.

  17. Bran will forgive Jaime and he probably would not even care because he ended up becoming the Three-eyed raven

  18. Didn't ions mother have red hair and his father have the blonde hair of a targerian, why is jobs hair brown?

  19. I think Jamie will die saving Bran's life. I don't think Brienne will rat out Jamie because she does respect and love him. I don't think Cersi will get to the point of giving birth to her child. Maggie the Frog told her she would have 3 children and she did and they all died. I think her and the child will either die in child birth or the wights will get to her and kill her while still pregnant. I do think that Dany will get pregnant by Jon. And I believe in season 6 or 5 there was a scene where Dany was having a miscarriage with Dario's child (maybe I'm remembering incorrectly??) so I think she can get pregnant and will give birth to the future King of Westeros!!
    Can't wait for season 8 and thank you for ALL your videos!!! You do an absolutely amazing job with every video. Your channel is my #1 favor GoT YouTube channel!!!

  20. Casey S

    Bran is so nonchalant about everything. I think he will see that if Jaime had never crippled him, he would not have ended up on the same path and might not have become the 3 eyed raven. Bran knows everything happens for a reason and will be like, 'meh, whatever bro, it's cool, let me worg into this undead dragon and save the world.'

  21. Cerceis death. Arya kills cercei by using littlefinger mask and the child comes out as she dies and its an imp.Jaime dies fighting the dead.Another dragon dies.The night king dies from jon .Tyrion dies . And lastly the hound kills the mountain after he sides with dany and john

  22. I see a ton of dragon glass aarows and other weapons being introduced as well as wildfire making another appearance.

  23. I don't think Bran will tell anyone it was Jamie who pushed him. Bran knows he does regret it, but also knows it will be nothing but a distraction for everyone if they found out, but also knows what lies ahead for Jamie….Jamie's selfless death. He knows Jamie plays a crucial part in whats to come and how he dies plays a big part in that.

  24. I think it's going to work out like you said,and have Jaime save bran,Dany have a baby,jon snow,saves the fucking day!

  25. cersei's baby is gonna be born a dwarf!! she's gonna kill her baby because of it! then Jaime is gonna find out and kill her. The kingslayer will become a queenslayer as well! U heard it here first from meeeeee!

  26. Jon or Arya will kill jamie

  27. I don't know if Bran will say anything if Jamie goes to him and admits to Bran what he did.

  28. Cerci might be "dead" and get turned into the queen of the night king, along with the Mountain turned into night king's guard.
    After Jon Snow knows his true identity as a Targaryen, he'll probably take on the responsibility as the real heir of Iron Throne and start to openly challenge Cerci and lead his allies to finally defeat night king.

  29. Tell us your thoughts on everything that might be in the crypt

  30. a lannister always pays his debts… tyrion is upto something that will sustain the game… as the conversation between lannisters is kept in enigma ( jamie and tyrion, tyrion and cersei)…the obvious things remains obvious … what makes it interesting is everything behind the scenes…and thats what constitutes the game… its hard to wait for the upcoming season but a wait is all that will make it weighty….

  31. Joh Fed

    Love you, But still hate you. I´m confunsed

  32. If Jamie goes to Bran and admits his crime, I’m pretty sure Bran would be willing to forgive him, especially if Jamie is fighting with his family against the Others.

  33. Cercei is the nastiest female villain I have ever seen in fiction… Though she reminds me of one real life person. Being George RR Martin, the Night King or Cercei could actually win the whole thing.

  34. I believe bran (even though it’s not for certain) is the night king or has a connection to the night king and him being able to see into the future seen the essos army coming and is gonna team up with the starks to defeat them. Weird plot twist but think it’s a possibility

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