Season 7 Filming Leak Confirms Important Meet Up (Game of Thrones)

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Published on October 24, 2016

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  1. A Song Of Ice And Fire is pretty much about climate change. Daenerys(Global Warming) and the Night King(An Ice Age). Jon is the balance of the 2. I think a union between Jon and Daenerys will upset that balance, causing the wall to come down. Once that happens there's no place for Daenerys and her Dragons or The Night King, they both must go.

  2. Does this mean Davos will be meeting Tyrion? That would be akward, since the wildfire at blackwater bay killed Davos his son.

  3. please do a full video on brienne. especially the book differences.

  4. The Dragon Pit was so obvious to appear in Season 7…

    To many hints (;

  5. Cersei's burning down the palace and Dany has to set up shop in the Dragon Pit. If she's smart, she won't house the dragons there, or at least won't close the dome.

    Alternatively, it could also be Dany's coronation. Aegon II did it that way, and the open dome would mean her dragons could attend and fly her in for a grand entrance. It would also make sense for Jon to send people to chat at such an event. And it gives two voices for Jaime if he makes it through Cersei's queenhood- Brienne and Tyrion.

  6. At 3:34
    I'm sure The Dragon Pit will just be the bedrooms for Viserys, Rhaegal and Drogon…

  7. I have two ideas and want your opinion on them. What's going to happen in the riverlands regarding leadership as edmure was in the frey prison so arya could release him and he could raise the riverlands to support the staks in the war to come. Also if you eliminate dragons how effective do you think danaryess` army will be in the north. The unsullied and dothraki are only acustom to warm weather and they'll be next to useless in the winter if they freeze and can't move well if the snow gets too deep. Please let me know what you think and sorry for any spelling

  8. "the series will have a bitter-sweet ending",I debated with some of my friends and I have e theory on that matter.This is Game of Thrones so we can expect anything,but I came to the conclusion that history will repeat,jon snow will sacrifice the dragons and later Daenerys to forge Lightbringer and end "the long night".And maybe even some major caracters will die like bran,arya,sansa or even all of them,or some of jon's close friends.Jon Snow will get a victorius end,but "alone" and cold with noone there to understand and support him like a family would do,at that point even if he was offered the position of a King he wouldn't accept it, he's "tierd of fighting".That is more a bitter ending than sweet but that i would consider an incredible and unbelievable one.
    Maybe you TLH can make a video about the theory.

  9. I don't know about you, I want to see John snow dead permanently this time. The fool not only knows nothing he refuses to learn.
    And Briane? Wtf is she doing in kings landing? She is supposed to be in the river lands dying at the hands of the brotherhood without banners.
    And then she is supposed to go get the king slayer as a zombie. Wtf? Are they running their own show or putting the books on screen?
    We where told there would be differences,but this goes beyond that. They are rewriting the whole plot.

  10. YOUR FAVOURITE DRAGON!!!??? Rhaegal killed the Mr. Queue!!! WTF!!! I loved Mr. Queue. He was cute in his own way… a frog…

  11. could the "dragon pit" scenes not be just the ruins of the great sept?
    Introducing the dragon pit at this point seems odd to me.

  12. Kris R

    One important thing I took away from this is that Tyrion is NOT there. If Dany is brokering an alliance with The North, wouldn't it be logical that her hand, who actually knows the political climate of Westeros (even if it has changed since last time, he knows the players), is there for such an important negotiation?

    My personal theory is that Tyrion dies during the travel to Westeros, simply because having him alive is too easy. He's a skilled diplomat who knows Jon and Sansa, and respects them. He knows that Littlefinger is dangerous (so does Varys), he knows the players in the Westerlands (not explicitly stated, but come on, he's a Lannister), he knows that the Stormlands are a mess, and that the same applies to the Riverlands, especially when he learns that Walder Frey is dead (ok, Varys knows both of these). Tyrion might not be the most popular person in Westeros, so he'd probably want to stay close to Dany rather than travel.

    My other theory is that Sansa tags along with Littlefinger in order to manipulate Robin into getting rid of Littlefinger, which can be part of the reason Sansa isn't there.

  13. Is there a chance that Sansa will turn on Jon causing Brian and Davos to face each other?

  14. Daenerys is too power hungry to settle for half. She will march on the independent north despite the white walkers threatening the realm.

  15. i wanna see both john and deaneries know there kin folk and that she's his aunt.

  16. yes Davos does have very good recruiting skills.Besides winning lady mormonts allegence, he's recruted Pirates and sellswords to his cause anf he's persweded the Iron Bank to back Stannis. he has done it over and over, and he can do it again.

  17. …..still waiting on my geekfuel box…ordered over two weeks ago…

  18. Just an idea… But if Euron does come to join forces with Mad Queen… If he does have the Dragon's horn… What if he takes control of one of the dragons and takes him back to King's Landing… This battle at sea is a battle I believe will be a setback for Daenarys… Until the battle on ground when we finally see the Dothraki and Unsullied fight side by side… So even though Daenarys wouldn't use a dragon pit… A non-Targaryan like Euron or Cersai would likely because of stories they've been told

  19. rhaegals egg… why not viserions? what is the logic behind Jon riding rhagael and not viserion.,.just because he's named after his father?

  20. I'm sorry but did anyone else get the Trojan condom commercial about the debate between types?? BC it's fucking hysterical

  21. Jon and Dany will fall in love and get married, then, they find out she is his aunt.

  22. I think Jon does not send Davos and Brienne to Dragonstone to gain Dany's support. I think he sends them to the Storrmlands to rally support via Brienne and find Gendry there, then on to Dragonstone to get dragonglass and what is left of Stannis supporters and the 3 of them will be surprised to find Dany there.

  23. Jon is gonna kill Dany aka nissa nissa

  24. Davos and Brienne makes sense as recruiters both for the narrative direction and dramaric effect, towards Daenerys they are a lowborn-made-noble and a formidable independent, if damaged, woman. The two most sympathetic characters to Dany. Between themselves they might have some unresolved tension leading to internal conflict given Davos loyalty and concern for Stannis and Brienne executing him.

  25. I want Jon to be hanging from the edge of the dragon pit and have Daenerys say, "Jon, I am your Aunt" then Jon screams Nooooooooooooooooo!"

  26. maybe dany is threatening to feed them to her dragons at the time

  27. azigar

    thank you for the upload

  28. The Dragons are not called Reagar and Veserion. Those names are Reagon and Vaegon I think.

  29. I'd love to see a meeting between Dany and Lady Mormont :'D

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