Season 7 Teaser Trailer – Everything We Learned! (Game of Thrones)

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Published on December 17, 2016

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  1. I think while Arya crosses off Fry from her list, she's about to go after her next victim when she bumps into a older Lady Melisandre telling her that Jon Stark took back Winderfall and decides to go with her. Not only would Arya see Jon again( God willing!) but it would be the perfect opportunity for Melisandre to sneak back into the Winterfall Castle. The Melisandre bit I heard from another youtube GOT theory video so we will just have to wait and see what happens next year for season 7.

  2. I've hoped for near if not absolute justice and retribution on the part of the Starks since this all began, but as we all know, just comeuppance for any of these characters often do not come at the hands we most wish it to. That being said, and after watching the video, I got this strange idea that Sansa won't make it to the end of the game of thrones. I think, while gaining some measure of revenge against Baelish, she will meet some unfortunate and untimely fate. I don't WISH that for her, and I'd always hoped she would actually be the younger, more beautiful queen that is to take everything (else) away from Cersei. But you know how R. Martin can be in his storytelling.

    As for Arya, she could or may become the "King's Justice" or the Queen's (Sansa's, as in queen of the north, or maybe even Westeros), as an odd and ironic nod to the very man who took her father's head. Either that or she will opt to be this kind of avenging faceless person, wandering the countryside carrying out acts of justice or avenging any and all in the land who've been wronged by evil people of nobility and high stations.

    But I am MOST anxious to know what R. Martin's plans are for all the characters in the books, which are probably still 3 yrs away from completion.

  3. Arya will meet the Hound on her way to King's Landing (to kill Cersei) I'm sure of it. But the Hound will tell her about Jon in the North and she will want to go north. And then something happens that keeps her from going or something like that. Sansa will plot against Littlefinger and after suspicions from Jon about her true loyalty she will prove herself a true Stark. Jon will have to deal with Dany and her dragons.

  4. This is an off-thought.  Do we know why Ammon T., maester, was sent to the Wall?  Could he be Tyrion's father?  I don't believe that Tywin L. is his father.  What is your take on it?  Thanks!

  5. Here is a big twist upcoming and I was surprised I NEVER thought of it before . . .  when her father was betrayed by Petyr Baelish in season 1 of Game of Thrones Sansa Stark was there in the Red Keep but no one ever told her what happened that day so imagine her surprise and outrage if she were told of the plot and conspiracy implemented by Littlefinger by the only living member of that betrayal . . . Sandor Clegane who if my memory serves me correct is on his way north with the Brotherhood without Banners. He could really blow up Petyr's whole operation with Sansa Stark couldn't he.  Think about it :0

  6. For me, the most interesting part of the trailer is the choice of characters we were shown. Why have we seen Jon, Arya and Sansa, and not – say – Dany or Cersei? I think it is connected to the fact these are one of the first characters we meet in the book/show and they are to play an important role in the story's finale, including season 7.

  7. I'd love to see a twist where Sansa has known for some time that Baelish betrayed Ned. And she's been waiting for the right moment.

  8. the walkers are coming for crasters son…..i read somewhere that to keep their race alive they were taking crasters sons………….and that they are coming south of the wall for crasters baby……………..just think of it the show doesnt need to keep the child unless there is some importance ……..also it said that their will be no victor in the end and the living will form a pact with the walkers and give them the baby………

  9. Why would Sansa Use a Body double? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  10. Arya would be heading north. As you say she doesn't know that the Boltons have been defeated and Im presuming that their on her list. So it would make sense if she heads north to kill them only to run into Sansa.

  11. +The Last Harpy, I just saw someone repost a picture that Peter Dinklage posted on his Facebook. The photo was a picture of a dragon with blue eyes, scaling the Wall with the Night King riding on top…and the dragon was breathing icy blue 'fire' or ice. The photo had an HBO watermark and said, "Are you ready for Season 7?" Can you please address this and what it might mean for the plot of the series? Will the ice dragon theory actually come true??

  12. It would be awesome if Arya found out the hound is alive and together hunted down the people on the list the hound obviously wanting to kill his brother the mountain (I know the hound is also on the list but Arya actually likes him)

  13. wutsup

    No. Arya clearly said she is going Home. It's all you fanboys who want her to continue working on her kill list. So are you saying Arya won't find out information of what is happening at Wintefell or that she is NOT able to kill Ramsey? Why did she bypass Kings Landing kill her targets there first before taking out the Freys at the Twins? Why were we told Mel is heading south AND the Hound & the Brotherhood are heading North? Beric is still alive right? He hasn't given up his life to bring back a DEAD RED HEAD STARK. Think very carefully about this.

    Again, you fanboys are so convinced Sansa will try to manipulate LF. Has she learnt nothing these last 6 seasons about not playing with fire? To you fanboys, no she hasn't. LOL.

    We knew from last season that there will be a Stark reunion at winterfell …. ALL the starks.
    Bran was heading home just like Arya was. Bran is heading for the Tree at wintefell. Bran was also at the Wall before Daeny sailed for Westeros. So Bran will get to Winterfell EARLY next season. And Bran will tell Jon & Sansa that they are COUSINS …. Jon looking like Ned Stark & Sansa looking like Catelyn.

    Why did the Teaser ONLY show Jon, Arya, & Sansa?

    Why didn't teh Teaser also show Bran?

    Where know from production that actors for Bran, Arya, Sansa have been at the Winterfell set.

    You should have immediately picked up on the noticeable absence of Bran in the Teaser if you knew what Season 6 was clearly telling us will happen in Season 7.

    Jon is not Ned son. Jon was made King because he is Neds son. Jon & Sansa are cousins. Cousins marry in Westeros. Neds parents were cousins. Jon was raised to be like Ned.

    Now look at the Jon & Sansa pictures in the Teaser.

    Can you see what the Teaser is actually HINTING at coming in Season 7 …but didn't make it obvious by including Bran?

  14. can you give me the official teaser trailer of season 7?? I can't figure out which one is official!!

  15. Do non-Targayen women that have children with Targayen men have a higher chance of death when giving birth(Jon, and Tyrion..assuming his father was the Mad King)? Is that one of the reason for Targaryen Men marry woman with Taragayen blood lines? The incestuous relationships would help to keep death during childbirth, rates down.

  16. Sansa seems to be more like Mary Queen of Scots, but also Cersei, although Cersei is more like Elizabeth I. If Cersei's vision about that virgin younger and more beautiful lady who will become the queen, then nor Sansa, nor Dany will be that queen… who then? what about Arya? but, Arya is a fighter.

  17. On another topic has any one ever considered this idea of what me and my friends have come to refer to as the "GRRM Paradox" Basically how we think of it is that because this series is so epic with so many twists and conspiracies and also because these books have been out for a long time we think that George now has his pick of doing or not doing every single idea fans have had over the years. There is so much chaos in the world of ice and fire that many fan theories aren't that far out there and are actually awesomely  plausible and possible. and now with the show you could argue is even bigger with fans all shapes and sizes get interested in game of thrones making their own theories. GRRM Has the chance to alter his original ideas possibly making them better (Most likely because he is a great American author changing the genre and leaving a legacy that most likely wont be touched). His slow way of writing has turned out to only add more hype and anticipation. Even with the show going beyond that which has been written this far us book readers are dying with even more anticipation because we cant wait to know that it is different or extended if not fully different. I will say though it will be a great tragedy if He doesn't release tWOW (Winds of Winter) before this summers season because the ultimate plot will be ruined but up until now even though its been annoying for book fans His timing although slow has done nothing but make this whole thing bigger than any epic fantasy ever created. and that is even coming from a die hard Tolkien fan not to mention also A huge Wheel of time Fan. Come on George break the paradox and give us what we want.

  18. Couldn't arya move pretty freely because everyone thinks she died years ago? Or did it come out she was alive at some point?

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