Seth and Leslie Jones Watch Game of Thrones

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Published on January 18, 2017

Two pals watch their favorite show – with special guest Kenan Thompson!
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  1. juampan

    I'm white, non-American and I found her funny. Stereotypical black lady at the movies, but funny. And no way Seth got that episode ruined by seeing first time with someone so loud and annoying.

  2. Leslie needs to go back and comment on all the episodes it would be awesome

  3. "My hounds will never harm me."

  4. God, that fake laugh though. At least she was too daft to notice it. Kenan was the star here.

  5. She didn't so much as flinch when Rickon got the arrow through the chest. Just more popcorn and like "yup!, saw that one coming!" Too funny!

  6. altarec

    Leslie Jones do look like a man tho.

  7. Oh my gosh I want to,watch everything with those 3 they are so funny.

  8. Tsambika

    Is Leslie a man or a woman? Or should I ask Jungle Surfer or Apostle Laura Lee?

  9. Tsambika

    see she or it sings Alleuia and throwing the devil sign and 'let me introduce you to my dragon'


    does she have any other jokes???

  11. Cyn Rose

    Leslie Jones should be sitting on the Iron Throne.

  12. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF THE OLD GODS AND THE NEW- Make this a regular video watching Leslie and Seth (or even Colin Jost) watching the shows. Of course there would be spoilers but screw the idiots watching a clip where these people are watching a show. Please. You can have my kidney and half of my liver- maybe even a lung. Just please make this a thing!

  13. this the funniest thing I ever saw. I would watch this with her every week, makes me want to watch the show. so funny. I miss black people talking in movies it was so funny

  14. Please! Please! Please! Make another one like this with Leslie for next season + invite Daenerys and Tyrion to one of your parties!!!! Pleeeaaaasseeeeeee !!!

  15. Ken M

    ooga booga

  16. HiLARious!! I would love to watch Game of Thrones with Leslie…ha!

  17. cringe comedy at its best.

  18. I love Leslie Jones. It is my dearest wish to watch Game of Thrones with her!

  19. such an ape. she collectively sums up the black women in the us.

  20. She could rip off seth's dick and throw in the tall grass.

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