Smartphone Awards: 2015!

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Published on January 14, 2016

The Best Smartphones of 2015!

On the “Perfect” Smartphone in 2015:

Top Big Phones [0:41]
Best Compact Smartphones [1:58]
Best Smartphone Camera [2:56]
Top Budget Smartphone [4:35]
Best Battery Life [6:31]
Most Improved [7:45]
Top Design Award [8:21]
Bust of the Year [9:26]
Best Smartphone of the Year [10:09]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5:
Galaxy Note 5 Review:

LG V10:
LG V10 Review:

Google Nexus 6P:
Nexus 6P Review:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus:
Galaxy S6 Edge Review:

Apple iPhone 6s:
iPhone 6s Review:

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact:

OnePlus X:
OnePlus X Review:

Moto X Pure Edition:
Moto X 2015 Review:

OnePlus 2:
OnePlus 2 Review:

Google Nexus 5X:
Nexus 5X Review:

Droid Maxx 2:

LG G4:
LG G4 Review:

Blackberry Priv:
Blackberry Priv Review:

Droid Turbo 2:

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium:
Sony Xperia Z5P Display:

HTC One A9:

Video Gear I use:


  1. Don't underestimate Z5 Compact

  2. Have you had any time to fiddle with the asus zenphone 2? I'm not interested in the zenphone 2 laser as I don't are too much about photos.

  3. I am really looking at getting the LG G4, we don't have the V10 in canada. My sister in law got a LG G4 and she enjoys it.

  4. Iphone 6s 64go or Nexus 6P 64Go ? (Never got an iphone and already got the nexus 5)

  5. Note 5 is great but don't use it alongside an iPhone 6s+. I had both for a month in December through Samsung's Ultimate Test Drive and the iPhone just runs circles around the Note. In fact I was typing too fast on the Note that the keyboard crashed while connecting to my Wi-Fi.

  6. iPhone 6S/6S Plus are so fast because of the new NVMe system storage.

  7. Tell me the Intro Track name @MarquesBrownlee

  8. LG V10 and 950XL best cam in 2015

  9. Note 5 is the best as always. screw the software, it's awesome.

  10. hey, you should make a camera review on the Lumia 950, ive seen plenty of camera reviews and its far better than iphone 6s and nexus 6p

  11. How come sony z5 premium or just the z5 never made it to the best camera phone?

  12. Im really happy with my z5 compact :3 I mainly have it because I couldnt afford iphone 6. But man its a great little phone, with wicked battery life ^^

  13. I bought the Graphite Nexus 6P and I love it. Best phone I have ever used. Awesome specs with vanilla android (even though I did flash the Pure Nexus Rom and Elementalx Kernel lol, stock just isn't enough for me). I highly recommended the 6P! Your getting one amazing phone for a great price!

  14. HELLO on the table where comparison of phones there are two red as they are called?

  15. I´m gonna buy a Nexus 6p but i heared the lcd near the speacker gets scratched after a while by it´s self.
    Is that true?

  16. still can't find. the. best. in to. 25000_Rs budget.!!!

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