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Published on June 24, 2016

MONTICELLO, MINNESOTA — A Minnesota startup has come up with the latest innovation in concealable weapons — a gun that looks like your run-of-the-mill mobile phone.

According to CNN Money, entrepreneur Kirk Kjellberg developed the Ideal Conceal gun as a way to carry a weapon without bothering other people.

Unlike other easily concealed guns like the folding revolver or the Taurus Curve — a gun shaped like a box with rounded edges — its main draw is that it doesn’t look like a gun when folded.

A double barreled .380 caliber derringer, the Ideal Conceal is designed to resemble a smartphone. It transforms into a gun when the safety clicks open and releases the grip.

The gun cannot be fired while in its locked position, making it safe to carry while clipped to the side or in a purse.

The palm-sized pistol addresses the demand for easy-to-carry guns that can be accessed quickly for self-defense, according to the brand’s website.

Already, Kjellberg has received thousands of emails from people who want to buy the weapon. It will sell for $395 when it goes on the market later this year.

Not everyone is sold on the idea, though. CNN Money reports that law enforcement officials are concerned about a weapon disguised as something else and hidden in plain sight. And depending on state and local laws, Ideal Conceal carriers may still be required to have a concealed carry permit.

  1. First, there was a iPhone case that was shaped like a gun… NOW, there's a gun shaped like a iPhone!

  2. oquillo

    Rather have a magpul FMG9. More useful in both configurations, flashlight or full auto machine gun.

  3. tony b

    does it have micro usb charge port lol

  4. Sleazy

    the new Samsung galaxy s187


  6. I'll be the only muthafucka out here with a rotary phone, these muthafuckas trying to get people killed!

  7. this idea will probably get more people killed


  9. jarkoer

    What a stupid gimmick. You have to unclip the gun from the belt, fold it out, and… all you get is two shots with an anemic cartridge like the 380? And for almost $400? Please. For that much I can conceal carry a double stack Glock all year round, and it offers a lot more firepower than that. Or for half that much I can pocket carry a derringer. People are freaking out because this is extremely easy to conceal, but honestly it's a worthless firearm that falls under the category of "get-off-me" guns. Only used to aid in escape; not to engage in a firefight.

  10. This is a pretty interesting idea. Kind of smart, but I will tell you what's not smart. The price. 395 dollars? That's too much especially considering some of the problems people could possibly be facing for having it (such as laws in a particular area). I could understand if this was an actual smartphone that can make text and calls (dude, that would be awesome). But for a simple smartphone look-alike? No. I also hear that it only holds two bullets at a time. I don't know if that is true or not, but if that is, then that is very inconvenient. I know this is more for defense (as all guns should be), but if I am paying that much for a gun, I want it to hold more bullets just in case. They probably are doing that as a safety precaution for anyone that might use this criminally, but still. At least let it hold four bullets.

  11. I am sooooo getting some of those!!
    Bugout bags, here we come!

  12. Good lord this narrator is ignorant. "Three Hundred and Eighty Caliber"? You mean .380? Geez is some basic fact checking too much to ask for?

  13. " But first, let me take a self…" ….oh wait….

  14. aLi

    where can i get one!seriously !

  15. And just like that, I am no longer allowed to carry my phone with me when I drive.

  16. And just like that, I am no longer allowed to carry my phone with me when I drive.

  17. Two shots then you have to run away… not my idea of protection… the aggressor has to be real close for a hit… not a good option for any one.

  18. Thief runs by. Takes cell phone from your belt. You just armed a thief.

    Excellent idea.

  19. Three hundred and eighty caliber? DAMN. that's anti tank territory. I think you mean three hundredths and eighty caliber or .380 generally considered the minimum caliber for self defense. personally, I'm not interested, I'll stick with a single stack 9 mm with a .357 snubby in the opposite pocket.

  20. this is the stupidest idea. whoever can, please, do something to stop them.

  21. Dual barrel makes it look like a 2-round gun. If so, that's not particularly useful. You'd need to be extremely accurate. It also probably won't intimidate people like a regular gun does as it looks like a toy. It also looks like it could be snapped in half without trouble. Sorry, no way I'm buying one of these.

  22. Great, now cops are going to have an actual excuse to murder unarmed minorities. All you have to do is be holding a phone at the wrong time….

  23. Quite an example of "just because we can, doesn't mean we should".
    Despicable. Innocent people are going to get hurt because of products like this, that much is certain.

  24. The whole self defence thing, open carry stuff and pretty much everything to do with guns in America is so crazy its almost satirical. America has more gun violence than anywhere else in the world, simply because you lot are allowed to carry firearms. And now this. Crazy.

  25. Cops all reddy shooting dogs and people with hoses, and now people with phones, wtf America!

  26. I predict a lot of people getting shot because they hold a phone in the future…

  27. Who taught this fucktard to read? His emphasis is all wrong.

  28. This needs to be stopped.
    Quite enough people are shot by law enforcement, we need no further excuses for them to empty magazines into people for having cell phones. This, this is a GREAT way though for cops to 'shot' (murder) civilians who are filming them using excessive force, planting evidence, shooting homeless people… etc, etc.

    We've see a rise in police brutality caught on cellphone camera, and this just puts a nice big fat target on anyone who might film the police doing what they ought not be doing.

    Stupid idea. Stupid Company.

  29. Yeah, this is exactly what America needs, even more guns that ACTUALLY look like toys, as if babies aren't shooting their parents dead enough already. You guys are seriously crazy. Love the 'self defense' part by the way, the emotionless killing, haha, f*ck, I think pointing would be enough already but okay.

  30. Here's a great idea – let's make guns even more dangerous! What could possibly go wrong? No wonder gun-related deaths are so common in the US. Lunacy.

  31. Hey, we should have decent conceal carry laws. You know, so we can carry weapons that look like weapons for self defense.

  32. a wrist watch with some handgun caliber shotgun ammo would be more practical

  33. !Attention! – below you will find a diverse comment section. If your feelings get hurt easily or you just are a weak person, you have been warned.

  34. who thought this was a good idea lol? This now just gives cops a justifiable excuse to the old "his smartphone looked like a gun in the dark"…the fact that this gun was even allowed to be made is retarded

  35. the sole purpose of this toy is to give police an excuse to detain and question (and eventually harass, beat, and kill) anyone that points a camera at them. "I was in fear of my life! I thought it was one of those phone guns!" I'd bet money that the owners of the startup that made this gun are in some way related to law enforcement.

  36. Sunbird

    Definitely NOT for defence.

  37. Fucking american people and their guns

    God dammit guns are on the edge of being restricted and you guys fucking come up with this? A taser was too much to ask? What the fuck! That proves that humanity is ready to kill a brother cause he's mean.

    "But he's not mean! He molested/rape/whatever me! He's a criminal!"

    And do you think this is a fine argument for fucking shooting him? You won't feel like a hero, you'll feel like the saltiest piece of shit to ever live cause you killed a fellow human, good or bad. Prisons exist for some reasons, right?

  38. When you roast the white kid in class and he pulls this out…..

  39. White kid: "I gotta leave the class to call my mom"
    pulls out this shit

  40. this must be in police hands only cuz it would makes lots of trouble

  41. They are going to get people killed with that stupid thing. Cops are already scared and trigger happy enough the way it is.

  42. Crisis7

    Honestly this is probably a better assassination weapon than a defense weapon. You'll be dead before you pull this out and unfold it when you're attacked.

    But when you're preparing to shoot someone this makes it easier to hide.

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