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Published on February 3, 2016

Sony’s attempts to put Android on to a Smart TV have proved pretty successful but there are some issues Read the full in-depth review

  1. I bought a 55in Sony with Android, I have had nothing but problems with it since day 1. I updated the software and things got even worse, nothing will sync using Bluetooth, even sony accessories. Also ,apparently, people are paying big money for the Sony USB camera only to find out Sony does  not support Skype. I will never buy another Sony TV again.

  2. Can we expand the amount of memory storage of the system? 8GB native is too small.

  3. Sony Android TV is very very unstable. I have to power cycle my 49X8307 every 2 to 3 days. It just gets slower and slower every hour I use it. trust me I'm a Doctor..

  4. I have no issues to date with this TV.

  5. hey, i have apps on my android TV i must use a mouse for… could you use that remote as mouse touch pad?


  6. the best platform for tv for 2015

  7. git1958

    Go to the Sony forums – televisions.  Get the true picture of customers experiences with their Android TV range.   It's a disaster and customer relations nightmare.I know because I bought one.

  8. 1) Can an external hard drive for additional storage?
    2) Does the TV have Picture-in-Picture?

  9. Can you hook up bluetooth headphones in the bluetooth settings for audio out?

  10. twobins

    Sony Android TV is a bag of spanners. I had to return mine for a refund. Picture was terrific – os was like a six year old Android tablet – so slow.

  11. Can you delete apps that are installed on the TV? e.g kodi, games. Are the updates improving the Android OS? Can you use a Windows Phone with the Android TV?

  12. Which model TV was this demonstration performed on?

  13. Strange that you guys gave it 8/10 as i'm hearing nothing but bad things about the new Android OS on Sony's TVs and that many have been returned (hense the big price drop in shops) what model was this review done on maybe the flagship models have a better processor

  14. I'm waiting for this review ..
    u r doing a very good job guys

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