Surface Book: Hands-On with Microsoft’s “Ultimate Laptop”

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Published on February 25, 2016

Microsoft calls it the “ultimate notebook.” Join us for a hands-on look at Microsoft’s first laptop, the Surface Book!

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  1. The Next Big Thing Is Here- Samsung Apple book Pro

  2. Its maybe practicly, but asteticly, i Dont like The idea of a Keyboard attached to Nothing somewhere in The livingroom.

  3. For those concerned about the GPU, the Nvidia 940 (15 Watts) is the fastest GPU they could put in to this form factor. The 950 is rated at 50 Watts, way too much juice draw for a 1.5 kg laptop.

  4. The only bad thing I can think of is Microsoft coming out with the surface book 2 and getting rid of that gap of space. Aka it would be flat in the future and then if you have the old one you look like a dinosaur.

  5. looks like chromebook with windows in it and its not beautiful

  6. but its 500 bucks more here in canada than a retina macb pro…

  7. Wow, I admire Microsoft, but for 1500$ it better cure cancer and wash my car.

  8. Great input MF. Great product MS.

  9. surface book or surface pro 4? which to get and why?

  10. really the best laptop its twice my macbook pro and damn tablet …. good job windows keep it on

  11. Where is this location?

  12. I think you guys shows start doing ultrabook reviews. The only reason they're not technically pocketable is because nobody is wearing JNCO jeans these days. Seriously ultrabooks have become that slim and portable these days. Hell I'll do it. I write technical manuals for a living, send me the device and I'll write the review. Really enjoy the Pocketnow video reviews and articles, as a tech junky it helps me get my fix.

  13. 2cool0

    that's hawt. wish they didn't have the space in between when you close the laptop.

  14. that was the most fuckall review i have ever seen this side of the 2000's , what exactly did u tell us that Microsoft didnt tell us in at the event?

  15. wow really priced fair for the consumer..not

  16. Wow!! This guy sounds so butt hurt because it's better than the shitty apple products that came out.

  17. Oh wow, Microsoft caught up to a product at the end of it's life cycle?

  18. pre order sold out

  19. i think im gonna replace my surface pro 2 whit this one :D

  20. well, I found something to waste all my money (that I should save for college) on. 6 months of hard working, here I come.

  21. MS launches super phones and super laptops, people complain about the price

    Apple launches an iPhone with an ''S'' and a laptop that is not touch yet for the double of the price that MS offers…. nobody complains about it


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