Takee 1 Unboxing – World’s first 3D Holographic Smartphone

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Published on March 4, 2016

Unboxing & first look at the Takee 1 the World’s first 3D Holographic Smartphone that uses 3D display technology without the need for glasses. Awarded iF Design Award 2015 and CES Innovation Award 2015.

  1. is takee 1 will update to android 5.1??

  2. Your review is the one of the best and most professional reviews i have ever seen on social media. Really became a Fan . Love your voice and how well you present everything and how fast you keep the talking and presentation going. You didn't play around. NICE

  3. why can't apple have earbuds like that? amiright?

  4. It is slightly moving out of the screen 😛 I manage to see that with the camera you are using!

  5. DOES ANYBODY NOT REMEMBER THAT ONE HTC 3D PHONE. Like seriously reply to this comment if you know what im talking about

  6. sess

    how is this different from the HTC evo 3d? other than that the evo 3d came out like 5 years ago and, so, is of course massively outdated hardware and screen size.

  7. Some countries are still using WCDMA while my country is using 3 and 4 GSM. A number of Companies now don't accept anything less than GSM4. These phones are WCDMA 3 while GSM is 2. No good in my country.

  8. What's up whit "the other one"? I mean there is a takee 1 that's a lot cheaper, and as far as my knowledge goes have the same specs and capabilities just another rom with working play store. Are those copies, or clones or what? I mean it's strange that they can sell it for about less than half of the prize…

  9. Man screw m ipod I want this for chirstmas!!

  10. I had the HTC Evo 3D, which recorded 3D video and you could view 3D on the screen without glasses. That was July 2011.

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