The $200 Budget “Gaming” Laptop | Can It Actually Play Games? | Performance and Review

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Home Computers & Laptops The $200 Budget “Gaming” Laptop | Can It Actually Play Games? | Performance and Review
Published on January 6, 2017

Now I’ve never featured a laptop on this channel before, and after realizing that the AMD A4 5000 APU mine features should actually be capable of gaming, I decided that it should be put to the test, to see what sort of performance you can expect from such a cheap piece of hardware.

Laptop Specs:
AMD A4 5000 Processor
4GB DDR3 1066MHz Ram
AMD Radeon HD 8330 512mb Graphics (Onboard)
Windows 10
Model: HP 255 G3

Games Tested:
Fallout 4
Crysis 3

Discussion Gameplay

Thanks for watching 🙂

  1. No lie, thats my laptop, got it for Christmas 2015 and only saw this video today. Exited to see how good it really is

  2. i played on a worst laptop 5 years, this laptop for this price is so good. i buy a 300$ laptop on highschool and i played minecraft at low resolutions and minimum settings with 15 fps…

  3. If I had your voice, I would probably kill myself.

  4. What's the laptop called? And where can I pick one up from? I'm planning on buying one soon. Thanks to anyone who replies :)

  5. Can i play CS:GO on my Asus X553MA:
    Intel Pentium N3540 (Quad-Core) (2.16Ghz)
    4GB Ram
    Intel HD Integrated Graphics

  6. Angelo

    can i play bo2 and cod mw3 on high or medium?

  7. Naco 08

    so,what is the name of the laptop itself?

  8. LOL he was playing a pirated csgo……

  9. Im Probably Going to just pay A bit extra and get a ps4 or the ps4 pro

  10. StormZTv

    can u play call of duty bo3 on it

  11. I tried to find it but I can't ! I live in England Darlington ! I could only find it over £220

  12. bacca203

    In the minecraft part if you have a nice simple TP and optifine you should get around 80 fps. Im saving all my money for this laptop From youtube…

  13. I have a 1050 euro Laptop its not a gaming laptop but i get 5-12 fps on Lowest settings at Csgo what should i do???

  14. can it run h1z1 battle royal plz respond

  15. Dat Boi

    Well it works better then my laptop

  16. I think I'm going to get his for Minecraft

  17. What's the laptop called? Maybe I didn't hear you in the video, aorry.

  18. PAPike

    could this run overwatch at all low settings?

  19. A Samsung notebook with an AMD 450 APU dual core it runs Minecraft at 60fps at average the minimum is 10fps and the maximum fps is 150fps and I record on this laptop

  20. Mxngo

    Can you link it

  21. recently tested a 300-400 dollar tier amd A10 9600P APU and while it's even better than my old A8 4500M, the APU's are still highly limited by the onboard ram, and said laptop didn't have dual channel ram. fallout new vegas ran in 768p on max around 30 fps without AA, which is acceptable if you NEED a laptop, but I don't so therefore it's still marginally acceptable.

  22. which HP laptop is that? all im looking for is something that can stream while playing league or CS:GO.

  23. Not bad for a £150 laptop… I personally have an A10 5 series laptop that I sue for gaming on the go*… it's not bad for what I paid for it but it barely handles Rocket League if you don't use Dual Graphics XDD

    *The battery life is terrible on it because the cells on my laptop are fairly well worn!!

  24. Visualz

    I'm getting the acer chrome book 15 and installing Linux on it

  25. the lack of vram would be the main cause of it not running games very well

  26. Is the AMD A4 5000 faster than the E2-7110

  27. when something cant run cs go you know it is bad

  28. CSGO and Minecraft Actually ran pretty well for $200

  29. why you pirate games, you cheap shit….

  30. I'm not sure about G3's but I have a G6 model it had one of the older APU's.. Great thing about it I could upgrade it to a AMD A8-4500m chip which improved performance greatly. though only downfall was battery life but being able to run things L4D, CSGO most source games at 60fps med-high and paying only £40 for the APU was well worth it!

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