The Bastard In Dorne… Jon Snow’s True Claim! (Game of Thrones)

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Published on December 15, 2016

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  1. Although it is true that rhaegar was married westerosi rules don't apply to targeryens . if he married lyanna before birth John would be the one true king since he is kings own grandson and grandson comes first before aunt .
    his nane would be either a targeryan or snow since his Mother was from the north.

  2. Hey mate massive fan of urs. I like ur theories and watch all of your videos religiously. I have a couple of theories that you have not covered and was wondering if there was a way I could discuss these with you. cheers

  3. Jon doesn't need to be legitimised to gain the iron throne, he is the King of the north he can fight for it which is unlikely he'll do that. Jon and Dany could possibly marry without finding out until after that they're closely related, Dany will see him as a good political match for marriage.

  4. ame7272

    Right now, some people truly believes that Trump is Azor Ahai. LOL

  5. The dragon has three heads. I believe these are Jon, Dany, and Bran. I have seen this theory before but no one ever thinks of it in the simple terms. Dany has the blood of old Valyria, and has magic born from fire. Bran has the blood of the first men and the magic of the old gods and the north, ice. Jon has the blood of the first men and old Valyria, he is both ice and fire. We got one from each side and one in the middle. A song of Ice and Fire. Makes sense to me.

  6. I believe one of the most intriguing lines in regards to Azor Ahai, at least in the show, comes from Davos: "If he commands you to burn children, your lord is evil"
    So, what does that make Azor Ahai?

  7. My theory of choice is that Rhaegar was Azor Ahai, Lyanna was his sacrifice, and Jon is Lightbrigner. The biggest clue we keep hearing is that Azor Ahai will be reborn "amidst salt and smoke" and Rhaegar was born literally during the tragedy of Summerhall, where the Targaryen's summer palace burned, killing a number of Targaryens including the king, Rhaegar's grandfather. It is believed that they were trying to re-awaken dragons, which probably involved some magic. Rhaegar himself believed that he was Azor Ahai and he's one of the people who knew the most about the prophecy.

    Also, Azor Ahai made Lightbringer on the third try, and in Dany's vision in the House of the Undying, she heard Rhaegar say "there must be a third," talking about his children. I think he knew his third child would be Lightbringer and that's why he went off with Lyanna after the Maesters told Elia she shouldn't have any more children. Plus there's the whole Maseter conspiracy in which they are trying to get rid of magic so maybe they knew too and that's why they told Elia that…. I mean it goes on and on.

  8. love the channel. but hey, I don't have Twitter; not cool man; I wanna have a chance to win; not cool – I'm just kidding.

  9. There is no Azor Ahai . Why is everyone so clueless to what they're watching and reading ? these videos completely follow the path of deception that George wants all of you to believe before he pulls the rug out from under you ….. Then you'll understand what your really following this whole time . The closest you came to sniffing the correct storyline was when you made the video about brand possibly being the lord of light .

  10. what if rhaegar was azor ahai and killed his wife (lyanna) so as to create lightbringer (Jon snow)

  11. if the sword is a metaphor, i think Dany is the sword

  12. @thelastharpy I definitely feel that Jon or someone will be slaying white walkers with "Dawn".Season six history and lore leaves me with no other conclusion.

  13. Ahem. The Targaryens renounced polygamy after the reign of Maegor the Cruel. Legally Jon Snow is a bastard. Period. On the other hand, Daenerys is supposed to be banned from the throne because of her gender, so…

  14. fot your azor ahai video touch on the whole salt thing being people, among the salt, among the wealthy people… it mentioned in a. dunk and egg tale

  15. As for Azor Ahai being either Jon or Dany….if there IS a "Lightbringer", there's only one of the two who has training in wielding a sword. But I have a horrible feeling that Dany might play the role of Azor Ahai's wife—as far as the making of "Lightbringer" is concerned…

  16. jon snow parents are brandon stark and ashara dayne

  17. The sword of dawn was laying by Jon's birth bed. Someone was in the new preview carring two swords looking like Jon…. Hmm

  18. Kingsgarud would have left to viserys cause his claim would be the true king. But they stayed there also Arthur says, "The Kingsgarud does not flee". So Rhaegar would have to have married lyanna.

  19. tsuujp

    Why is the intro 25 seconds long?

  20. You should check out the channel , Game of Shows and see his who Azor Ahai is 100% Solved theory , it's very convincing

  21. Make a video about the Azor Ahai theory being someone like Jorah or Sandor please :D

  22. GRRM was inspired by Tolkien and Lovecraft. Whilst Tolkien used the concept of good and evil, Lovecraft never said anything on it. GRRM seems to follow Lovecraft's concept.

  23. If John is Azor Ahai what if Rhaegal is lightbringer. The dragon is named after John's father

  24. 0:51 So……………………..when I look at that castle am I the only one who sees a face with an under bite??

  25. so jrr Martin has said it'll be a bitter sweet ending. my theory is Jon the prince that was promised will obviously die. why? because Sansa will fall for a white repeat history and he will choose to die rather than kill her. and then Dany will basically take them all out to ensure her kingdom is safe.

  26. Actually, I don't think there will be Azor Ahai reborn…. I don't think this is that kind of books/show. Think about it… Prophecies don't really come true in this world…

  27. I wanted the hound to be azor ahai I wrote out a whole theory that explains it , it's pretty long .

  28. i m pretty sure that azor ahai wouldn't be jon snow either daenerys. i get to the conclusion that the guy that most fits is samwell tarly. he fights against the white walkers since the beginning, and he is making a good work and it s very possible that he learn somehow to build or make something that saves everebody and the last one he ve got a lover goiva. thats my point. and all of this cause game of thrones ins't a common serial and it´s have some unxpected ends.

  29. Can you talk about the book series please especially the last book "A Dance With Dragons " alot of the information in that book i feel has been left out of discussion. Im just a fan trying to understand why nobody talks about certain characters in the last book who had many chapters to them also as a fan im irritated with the tv show at times as i rewatch it over and over and over again as they left out much information that was in the books but hey that's why we read.

  30. Arthur Dayne's sword was reported to be as "pale as milkglass". Then it occurred to me in the fight scene beyond the wall, when Jon found out Longclaw, made of Valyrian steel, could kill the walkers – the blade the walker had was also as pale as milkglass – almost translucent, in fact. Maybe Ser Arthur Dayne has been reborn as the king of the white walkers – would that make him Azor Ahai?

  31. Selene

    I hope that every new GOT fan watches this explanation on Blackfyres. I am so sick of explaining that being a Targaryen bastard does NOT make one a Blackfyre and that is is a actual legitimized house. SMH

  32. +None of Your Beeswax mummers is what I meant. Sorry. It was a typo. My point was that she saw many different things in the house of the undying and just because one image might point to Aegon being real or a third head to the dragon, another might point to him being fake.

  33. i think with the forging of light bringer you could argue that when he said he worked the sword for 10 days then it broke imagine that as his group as in the nights watch disbanding so he works out the kinks and then gets a new group together and works it foir 25 days then killed the cowards and the run aways as in stabbing the lion is talking about courage so they made the rule about not being able to leave but that group shatters then finally he realizes that the only way he could focus fully on creating his group the nightswatch and successfully was if he broke up with his wife so like he never actually stabbed her in the heart just figuratively thats why the nightswatch cant have wives or children? maybe thats the prophecy so jons task as azor ahai reborn would be to forge an alliance that can bring the dawn he has failed once with the nightswatch

  34. I just thought, what if Jon Snow is the next Azor Ahai and has to kill Sansa for it to be binding, just as the first had to kill his wife, someone who meant a great deal to them that they had to sacrifice.

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