The Best Cheap Smartwatch of 2015? Atongm W008 Watch Full Review!

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Home Watches The Best Cheap Smartwatch of 2015? Atongm W008 Watch Full Review!
Published on March 2, 2016

This is my full review of the Atongm W008 Smart watch for Android Phones:

  1. how much does this smart watch?

  2. Good review but you should open a dictionary and look up some synonyms for the word actually.

  3. i just wanted to know that while the watch is connected can we answer the call through cell phone using its earpiece rather than answering it through watch and using its speaker to answer in public ??

  4. Is band leather or rubber? Looks like rubber, not leather. I'm looking for a good smart watch under $150 anyone know of a good one? Ty

  5. hay cual es lapajina para hacer la compra

  6. Download watch faces from where

  7. whats the cheapest watch this will work on

  8. SCK

    if someone calls you on it is there am option for muting the sound

  9. hey cock-block whats the actual price???

  10. Can you get apps like facebook and twitter?

  11. can you get custom faces off the play store? And use it with the android wear app?

  12. Does this only work with android? Or does it work with things like the I phone or iPod touch?

  13. Have you seen the customer reviews on gearbest all but one or two rated gearbest the worst place to shop,do you have any info on them.

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