The best laptop you can buy (2015)

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Published on January 20, 2016

The options for laptops are seemingly endless and making a decision can be daunting. If you choose the wrong one, you’ll be living with that mistake for years. These are the best laptops you can get, whether you want an Apple computer or a Windows machine.


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  1. I own an Iphone but i don't like macs bc they are so thin and 13' CMON' i need atleast 15 and i'm a gamer i've tested to play games on the mac and it doesn't run like i want it to plz help (srry my english sucks)

  2. Thanks for this Video & I agree with you about using a laptop for years as I'm not someone who'll go for the 'next big' laptop. So yes, 1 should choose 1's laptop thoughtfully.

  3. Matt T

    And let me guess.
    The Best Phone of 2015: The iPhone 6s
    The Best Desktop Computer of 2015: The new iMac
    The Best Company of 2015: Apple

  4. just ordered a Macbook air 13. I am disappointed with Windows. After windows 8, I was expecting a more with w10. But after upgrading I realized that the OS is very unstable. it caused serious data loss. crashed the OS, needed to fresh install for 2-3 times within a month. Coming back to W7 was a pain. Now after downgrading w7 is not installing updates. I am so mush frustrated with Windows that I ordered a Macbook asap. I need a stable platform for my works. I don't really want a buggy experience.

  5. I bought the lenovo ideapad 100 15ibd its has 8gb of ram hd Intel 5500 graphics and 6-10 hours of battery life and above all this it has a 500 gb hard drive so……

  6. "there are tons of great windows laptops but if your budget is really tight we strongly recommend getting a chromebook"

    But the chromebook isnt a windows laptop.

  7. Which of these laptops can handle a game like black ops 3??

  8. Lol I have an msi ge62 apache pro and it can handle so much more you get so much more bang for the buck. although I can see how the mac book can be good for someone editing text files or browsing the internet. but, at that point you could get a different ultrabook with much better specs for that price. oh btw if you want to make a laptop you probably need to have fans on it…

  9. cmon that's just silly do different comparisons for the different softwares!?

  10. buying the chrome book is the worst decision you will ever make, you can only use Google productivity software and the UI is so limited

  11. i had windows laptops for years, some cheap ones. some around $1000 dollars, and i have come to one concusion. Windows is the best operating system for a PC, but it just doesn't do it for me on a laptop. The operating system just doesn't mesh with the hardware as nicely as it does on other platforms. Even the $300 chromebook i currently own has a better screen, keyboard and battery life than the $1000 laptop i previously had. Yes there are some great windows laptops that are better than a Macbook, but those laptops are usually more expesnive than a macbook is. There are always a few exceptions here and there, but most of the time you are making compromises to hit that price point, such as build quality, screen quality or battery life. the macbook air is the gold standard for 99% of users that basically every mainstream use laptop will be measured against for years to come.

  12. L CM

    haha I thought he said the best laptop would hit all marks guess he should have qualified it with a price asterisk

  13. I love my MBA so much it's beautiful, timeless, cold to the touch, has long battery and a great track pad and keyboard. I'm going to marry it…

  14. I mostly agree with this guy and his choices in most of his videos, but I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't buy a MacBook, 8/10 people prefer Windows, and use Windows PCs more not trying to start a war

  15. why the fuck was he watching bad blood

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