The BIGGEST Season 7 Spoilers To Date! (Game of Thrones)

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Published on December 18, 2016

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Jon Snow filming with main characters in Basque Country! MAJOR SPOILERS! (UPDATED)

UPDATED: Exclusive photos from Zumaia, plus MAJOR SPOILERS for this week’s season 7 filming!

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  1. i mean, that's got to be gendry's rowboat

  2. why doesn't dawnerys just doesn't fly to the throne with her dragons instead of walking all this distance and waisting all this time..? just asking

  3. WOW huge spoiler! John snow will eventually meet deanery and Gendry will hit some gold cloaks with a hammer.


  5. +The Last Harpy Thank you soo much for putting these videos out!.. It keeps my sanity at tolerable levels without any sort of fresh content in sight… Thank you again kind sir.. You're definitely a man among men. Touche`

  6. It is definitely gendry, if you look at the size, posture, movement and hair it fits him perfectly, I mean even the posture alone you can tell its him just by how he is standing, plus podrick is much bigger and thicker than gendry, and has longer hair.

  7. Jon Snow and Daenery's baby would be the most powerful being ever

  8. what do u think jons real name is

  9. Agreed its Pod, and it's an axe. Although we Will see Gendry and those buff arms Soon. He will be introduced in a much more complex way than just rowing up on shore buff and tired. I do think he will wield a hammer and I Do think he will be a catalyst in kings landing/cersei and forging more valyrian steel for The War to come. Maybe Gendry is the prince that was promised,who knows? These leaks have blown my mind. How powerful Is the Nightsking?!

  10. podrick wants to be a classic knight, i don't see him using a hammer instead of a sword

  11. Sibrac

    Well after all that rowing im sure Gendry can easily pick up that warhammer…

  12. trustfund82 it's more like bathsalt crazy!

  13. Why do I feel like people think Season 7 starts with Jon knowing he is the son of a Targaryen? In true GOT way I feel like he won't even know until the last episode of the season, when or if he reunites with Bran. It looks like Jon is dressed formally, he's probably going to marry Dany. I'm going to take a wild guess and say one of them will die once they find out they are related. I hope I'm wrong.

  14. Well, Gendry's been rowing for 3 years. His arms would be huge!!!! He could pick up a war hammer.

  15. Wait,Tyrion gave Podrick his battleaxe remember?Could that be it?I have a feeling it's Gendry though,not Pod.

  16. MELKOR

    Was it a war hammer or an oar from that row boat?? I think it was an oar and its Pod for sure

  17. WOW! Just wow!  Can't wait for S7!!!!!!!

  18. its Podrick…
    Gendry still in the sea trying to figure it out how to paddle

  19. Skipper

    According to some reputable whores, Podrik has his own war hammer. So.. who knows.

  20. it's definitely Podrick.

    I think Podrick is actually very special. A God in plain sight. He follows and protects the best people.

  21. Gendry and his boat XD
    joking aside, honestly I hope it's Podrick and its not War Hammer that is being wielded. If ever its Gendry, then how the hell did he get Robert's weapon of choice?
    i thought of Podrick because he's most likely to be chosen as Davos' company since he's allied to both Brienne and Sansa. Also it would be good for Pod and Tyrion to meet soon :)

  22. sitting on pins and nails for season 7!

  23. He who wields this hammer, need he be worthy, shall possess the power of Robert XD

  24. Podrick was given a war hammer by jaime which belongs to tyrion ,whi used it in the battle between stannis baratheon and king's landing

  25. I so want it to be Gendry!!!!! He also looks too thin and square jawed to be Pod… On top of that don't you think that if it were his former Squire Tyrion would have more of a reaction.

  26. Podrick can lift it, not with his arms though

  27. Is Davos Jon snows hand of the king?

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