The Fastest Smartphone of 2015?

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Published on March 4, 2016

This is the Fastest Smartphone of 2015 and ever to be released! It has the Exynos 7420 and 4GB of DDR4 RAM! :O


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Mic: Blue Yeti Pro

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  1. the a9 is the fastest not the exinos

  2. Zion

    it kinda looks like an Iphone

  3. Zion

    it kinda looks like an Iphone

  4. +Mrwhosetheboss now have the samsung galaxy s6 the same chipset can u make a test of wich phone is fastest og meizu pro 5 or samsung galaxy s6

  5. I have one and its AMAZING!

  6. I actually want this now, it's like the perfect android. Only thing i could ask for is snapdragon 820 and a 4k screen.

  7. this phone is a combination of all flagships of 2015 the only thing that phone didn't had is being waterproof

  8. you make great videos you should have more likes :)

  9. Hakos

    how much does it cost ?

  10. mo far

    Good video. I agree phone is good but ui is very weird i have use mx4, gave up of ui.

  11. How do you say it is the fastest phone? phone speed is not depend on Processor or Ram. you are not perform a geekbench benchmark test on this video.. that scores are the evidense for the good speed.

  12. i am looking for a good phone please help me choose

  13. the phone looks like a cheap knock off of the iphone
    the speakers are in the same place aswell is the charging cable
    touch ID looks the same when you set it up
    same with the camera

  14. i would buy it if I can but my parents wouldnt let me and it sounds so good for a cheep price

  15. This is currently at the top of my wish list. Just hoping it would have support for North American LTE bands.

  16. ate z9 looks stunning phone also 4gb ram finger print sensor and does not copy looks really nice

  17. fly os is not that good though and they dropped all support for 4pro weeks after it launched so i would not trust 5 pro even though its hitting nearly 80.000 in antutu

  18. oppomart has the 5pro decent price and spec its been out a bit

  19. I truly luv the features and specs BUT WHY DOES IT HAVE TO LOOK EXACTLY LIKE AN IPHONE!!!???.
    (dont get me wrong, i have owned products of windows, apple, linux, android, google, firefox, kindle, samsung, blah blah blah… i luv tech)

  20. it looks like an iPhone 6 with the home button of a Samsung Galaxy s6 and the camera of a htc

  21. D-age

    Just like the MX4 on paper its a beast , but meizu arent the besty optimizers here

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