The Fate of Myrcella Baratheon – Game of Thrones

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Published on November 10, 2016

I took the liberty to use many scenes that didn’t have Myrcella in it, but had direct relation to her storyline. Myrcella was played by two different actresses, Nell Tiger Free and Aimee Richardson.

  1. All the shittiness of Dorne–wrapped up in one video!!

  2. Good compilation of the tragic Fate of Myrcella. Thank you!

  3. 47:26 The front oar on the left is a secret Targaryen


  5. Thanks for the video! watching this showed me the foreshadow that has solidified my belief that Jaime and Cersi will die together….

  6. 41:54 and that's why i'm typing on a keyboard with vomit on it

  7. I know we never saw Mrycella that much but seeing her die was kind of heartbreaking. She died because the anger was placed on her when it wasn't her fault

  8. This one was so sad. I actually liked Myrcella.

  9. It can be heartbreaking to come back and watch scenes like this. Both Myrcella and Tommen are so genuine and empathetic. Despite their mother's insistence that she loves them, Cersei really only interacts with them to vocalize petty threats to others in the room. When it comes down to it, however, Game of Thrones would not be what it is if all the characters were as pure as these children.

  10. Thanks for the recap on Marcella. The moral of her story is: No matter how kind we are, no matter how beautiful we try to make our world, we are not alone in it. Everyone we will ever know or hear or see may effect our lives & those we love.

  11. I thought Tyrion said that Myrcella will be married to Doran's youngest son, but in the recent seasons Trystane is the only son and heir of Dorne. Did I miss something?

  12. John P

    bronn needs that bad pussy

  13. violence is really shitty in real life but only good in movies…

  14. be like saint patrick and rid dorne of snakes jamie

  15. In some ways Tyrion was the true father to Marcella and Tommen.

  16. What was the point of her death? Jamie is such a monster. >:c

  17. Jim W

    The changes from the book were awful.

  18. There you see Little Finger defensive and surprised about Tyrion capabilities.

  19. Gold their crowns, Gold, their shrouds!!!!

  20. thank you ser blackfyre
    her death was horrable. she is so sweet
    it whas the worst for jamie i dont care about cercei she deserves whas coming to her

  21. I don't think this channels creator even watches GoT. A Targaryean sigil in the beginning for a video on a Lannister character? Myrcellas last name is also Lannister…not Baratheon. There is also not enough on Myrcella (minor character) for a 48 minute long video. Come on meow.

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