The Holographic Smartphone!

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Published on March 21, 2016

This is the First Smartphone that can use its display to make Holograms!

  1. I've still got my LG Optimus 3D from years ago, so it may have a better res screen, but the effect isn't really holographic, it's glassless 3D. The LGs 3D was great but the phone itself was laggy, this has more power for a cheep price

  2. this is not holographic it's stereoscopic and it's not the first one either.

  3. Sadly out of stock or overpriced everywhere 🙁
    Had to get a Redmi Note 2 instead

  4. Isn't that gum named Orbit?

  5. I want to buy Takee 1 i need your advice that where from I buy it. is Aliexpress safe and from you buy that cover which have 4 cameras

  6. I'd have to see how this stacks up against an evo 3d lol

  7. look back at it, look back at it (jk, i'm just very bored and have nothing to type so i'm just gonna type this)

  8. Which phone is better…
    The Takee 1 or Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 or the Umi Emax?

  9. randomly blares music as loud as possible

  10. not the first phone to use holo, LG Thrill tried and did the very same thing years ago

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