The Huawei P9: Reinvent smartphone photography

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Published on May 16, 2016

Ingenious optical engineering by Leica meets world class design – the Huawei P9, the ground-breaking dual-lens smartphone co-engineered with Leica. Here, we take a closer look at what goes into its development. #OO #HuaweiP9

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  1. Huawei is so original.I used samsung,iphone,but when I gut my hands on a p8 m using right now,m looking forward to upgrade to a p9,Huawei makes thinks possible

  2. I don't think it's the evolution that made the eye since a bees mind is more powerful than the worlds fastest supercomputer but ok

  3. lástima que no pensaran en una versión de 6"

  4. 480p in 2016 and many depth of field pic
    are you sure pic from P9 ?

  5. Huawei have beaten Apple second time in a row first with 3d touch and now with dual camera. They probably got a spy at apple feeding them all secrets. 

  6. I have huawei p8. Such a good phone. The cameras are fabulous. One is a 12mp back camera, which is amazing but the 8mp selfie camera is the best you can get, as some phones have 8mp back cameras. Huaweis new phone must be a no brainier if you want the best camera possible, but with a touch of elegance and simplicity.

  7. it's just marketing techtics…otherwise it's just an average camera

  8. I appreciate what this company is bringing to the table
    but their user interface is just ugly and horrendous
    couldn't really handle it

  9. The Chinese' self-promoted inferiority complex to white British people on full display.

  10. The HTC Evo 3D already did this.

  11. Oh my god so dramatic! Just tell us how it works! This was not "a closer look at what goes into its development."…

  12. tech company



  13. I don't pay attention to Huawei or other things. But I believe in Leica!…… Good phone!

  14. the voice and lines are a bit… subpar

  15. Huawei…. congratulations on being the first to bring the dual camera on a smartphone (the one that Apple have been working on the last couple of years) Now all you have to do is wait till September and see what Apple does with it, so you can shamelessly carry on your copycat thing…….

  16. But the way I see the world has opitical optimization.

  17. Eviloution. Is a lie your product is garbage because you gave not God glory ….

  18. were those Dean Winchesters eyes that they zoomed in on?

  19. Lee Yy

    C'mon, Nokia did it 3 years ago with damn 41MP sensor. Now not even one camera phone can beat it. What an exaggerating ads.

  20. Engrish from a person which an actual English accent. Brilliant!

  21. i don't know, dual camera why is better for low codition of light?. F number is normal… F2.2.
    Marketing?. idk. What change?, sensor of smartphone still small

  22. Me parece genial la idea de las cámaras y como imita la vista humana, aunque deberían estar más separadas no?!… Ahora solo falta esperar a ver los resultados.

  23. Samsung galaxy ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Huma Kashif


  25. Great phone huawei ….
    I have p8lite but I wish try too p9

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