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Published on January 13, 2017

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  1. I recently found the perfect watch to style but yet use casually, and I would like to share it: It's the Nixons, their affordable, versatile but are very stylish. here's my tip have a great 2017

  2. Wow! Great smartwatch!! Doesn't really seam like it!! Great video. A bit pricey though, but in sure you get what you pay for. Garmin is always been awesome!!

  3. Great watch! Too pricy! Why the high price? Is it durability the consumer would be paying for. Not sure what separates it from a cheaper iwatch, or other smart watches.

  4. A.N

    Not a fan of Smart watches but this one is the best one yet. However 900-1500 dollars is to much. Like any other technology these will be 100-300 in a year or two. I can just use my iPhone for everything and you can buy a solid vintage/preowned watch for 900-1500 from brands like omega, iwc, Hamilton, grand seiko etc

  5. Didn't knew about it till now.
    Much #classy than other smart watches.
    Thanks for the video… :)

  6. Hey! I was wondering is this watch running on Android Wear?

  7. Do you think it's worth paying so much.

  8. Where the hell are you living? Garmin Fenix is way too expensive!

  9. Vector Luna is another good one (30 day battery) $200

  10. nice information thankyou

  11. I love the way it looks yet it is still durable that's rare in a smart watch

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