The Origin PC Eon17-SLX is a gaming laptop ready for VR

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Home Computers & Laptops The Origin PC Eon17-SLX is a gaming laptop ready for VR
Published on March 22, 2016

With a desktop processor and graphics card stuffed into a laptop body, this is one of the only laptops that can handle the Oculus Rift.

  1. Why buy an ugly laptop, i understand not caring about how your desktop looks, but come on this is a laptop

  2. Why do people think having even a single 980 is "enough" for VR? I have a i7 4790k + 980 Ti Rig and I highly doubt that would even be able to run ANY VR smoothly for an enjoyable experience. The 970 requirement is just the minimum to even able to run the thing. Gotta wait until the next gen or even later GPUs to run comfortable VR experiences.

  3. That's a transporter not a laptop for sure

  4. Too Big better build a gaming desktop pc for cheaper and better specs

  5. Its cool that it has a 980 in it but look at that ugly thing! The screen looks like some of them old laptops from like 2001 xD

  6. PussMag

    the guy in china once sold his kidney for a laptop, for this, he must sell both kidneys, liver, and his balls

  7. you dont carry gaming laptops with you.

  8. I saved about $500 building my own gaming pc. Saved about $1,500 by buying a desktop instead of a laptop.
    Sure, if I ever have enough money to buy a top of the line gaming laptop, I would.

  9. 1080p is enough for gaming.
    I would rather take the extra frame rates with the 1080p over the 4k graphics that my eyes cannot benefit from.

  10. $3500 for a Laptop with 1080P screen? wtf !!!

  11. Yeah, buy this now thinking that you'll be able to play like EVE Valkery on decent settings and get disapointed later. In no way can this machine handle decent VR games. Most people will need double graphics cards, don't kid yourselves, VR will have a huge pricetag of a super powerful pc with probably the next generation graphics cards, probably two graphics cards if you want to play really realistic games in high settings and even then, the high frame rates required for you not to vomit all over yourself will really be the key factor, you need more than 60fps on each eye, I think they're going with 80 or 90fps, which is not easy given the also high resolution. In no way will this machine be able to bear with VR. Play with Gear VR and watch the niche guys throw money at VR until decent mid range graphics cards can handle it and then you can talk about a laptop that handles VR.

  12. My Aorus X7 with dual 970m clocks faster than a desktop 970 and close to a 980. It's half the thickness and weight, and it passed Nvidia's Oculus test.

  13. this guy took my money in a card game

  14. Great but heavy – this is tather DTR

  15. This is that safer laptop that was on @linustechtips

  16. gaming laptops will one day take over

  17. I bet my mac book air could handle it!

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