The Perfect Laptop & Gadget Bag

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Home Computers & Laptops The Perfect Laptop & Gadget Bag
Published on February 5, 2016


Pacsafe Z400
Sony Bluetooth Headphones –
MacBook Pro
Whoosh Cleaning Spray
iPad Air 2
MX Master Mouse
Battery Backup
Wallet / Money Clip

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  1. this is a great bag, but unfortunatelly we don't have it here in Brazil, but even if we could find it here it would cost nd eye of your face! lol!

  2. Kyon

    where did you get that skin for your macbook pro?

  3. Where could I holster a .45 acp handgun

  4. how big is this bag in comparison to a regular backpack?

  5. I don't it is too expensive given its features, maybe just a little bit expensive.

  6. Only a spy or someone would need this bag.

  7. do you know that pac safe was designed by Hong kong people and it is cheaper for me to buy in HK

  8. anybody know if this will fit 15.6 inch laptops? I'm sure it will but I just want somebody to confirm it

  9. At first I was like, amazing bag, but no strap? Deal breaker. But it has a strap that you can even hide if you want to? Wow. I need this in my life…

  10. my only issue is that I need a backpack, I can't walk around carrying something it totally messes up my balance lol

  11. i made a review about 2 anti-theft belts by pacsafe. But its in german. If somebody is interested, click me ;)

  12. can I put my notebooks, textbook and a book in their

  13. can I put my notebooks, textbook and a book in their

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