The Perfect Smartphone for 2015

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Published on January 17, 2016

What if we gave up Pocketnow and had to pick our own daily drivers?

2015 has been a very interesting year, mainly because companies have seriously raised the bar for smartphone quality. Today we have great processors, great cameras, great build quality, but is there such a thing as a perfect smartphone for this year?

Off the bat let’s be clear, just like there’s nothing perfect in the world, smartphone’s aren’t perfect either. Each year companies push technology further, but there’s always something missing, even from the best flagships. Have you noticed that the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is gorgeous, but you’d wish it had expandable storage?

We actually made a little experiment here at Pocketnow. We asked each editor if they had to stop working for Pocketnow today and pick a smartphone to use over the next two years, which one would it be? We get to test everything here and you’d be shocked at how different our taste is.


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  1. 10 iPhone 6S+ , 5.5" Retina Display With Good Os and Dont Lag
    9 Asus Zenfone 2 , Huge 4Gb ram and good camera with 1-3 the price (250$)
    8 Nokia Lumia 1020 , Good camera with 41MP
    7 ZUK Z1 , same like OPT with usb type C
    6 OPT , flagship with half the price
    5 BB Priv , 18MP camera on blackberry and android
    4 LG G4 , Good with Lg ui
    3 S6 E+ / Note 5 , same spec but have s pen and edge
    2 Nexus 6p , good design and good spec
    1 Z5P , 4k with 800PPi + WtF !!!

  2. iPhone security + Note 5 Camera + 4GB Ram + Octa Core 2.5 GhZ + Ui that doesnt take Ram + Feel sandstone like OnePlus + 5.5" 4K display

  3. Waldo

    I'm almost tempted to get a lumia 1020, as I love my current 650xl, but I really want a better camera (for me that has been the only downside to my phone).

  4. Nokia Lumia 1020 would always be the best camera phone

  5. if i have to choose

    i'd proudly say the asus zenfone 2 4 gb version

    simply it's dangerously fast, has a good camera for such an affordable phone, i don't really like finger print sensors or too bright screens

  6. galaxy s6 edge or iphone 6s

  7. I'd take an iPhone 6S. Simple, and efficient. No fancy this or trick that. Works every time for everything I need so Apple is the best for me :)

  8. zrox345

    Nexus 5X for me, sure it has its bumps and bruises in performance, but it's a great 5.2" smartphone with stock Android and fast updates. Hoping for some more 5.2" phones in 2016 :)

  9. I would take Xiaomi brand, it costs a percentage of those Sammys and Iphones and eats them up :v

  10. samsung galaxy note 5.

  11. I have the OnePus One with Marshmallow and it is PERFECT!

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