The Rhaegar Theory That Changes Everything! (Game of Thrones)

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Published on November 23, 2016

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  1. If he is a targerian
    , how is it possible to burn him?

  2. anny791


    everybody dies!

  3. Rhaegar didn't believe he was TPTWP.
    He did when he was younger, but then in Daenerys' vision in the Undying, he says that his son is TPTWP.
    I always thought that he changed his mind, and decided that his child/children were TPTWP (including Jon). Which would mean that at the time of the battle of the Trident, he didn't think he was TPTWP.

  4. I don't think so because if mance was rhaegar he would knew that he cant win south of the wall since they have much more technology and strategies so why would he try to invade westeros

  5. I don't believe none of this till I read the book

  6. but you did put a lot work time and research nice work

  7. Is it at all possible that rhaegar is the knight king , I mean the way he looks at Jon snow at hardhome is pretty mysterious, let me know guys , what you think about ?

  8. The Hound is the secret targaryen and he will eat all the chickens in Westeros.

  9. The idea that Mance Rayder could be Rhaegar is absolutely absurd and any careful reader of the books knows this.

  10. If rhaegar was alive daenarys' story would be pointless. He's not alive.

  11. may be jachen haegar is rhaegar targarean….. like hodor hold the door ..>hodor …rhaegar> haegar

  12. Rhaegar dead in a river? Wonder if the drown god will play a role.
    What is dead may never die.

  13. If you think that King beyond the wall is Rhaegar,He can't able to feel the burning during his death in castle black….

  14. rhaegar is a dragon and cant be killed by fire while mance died by fire

  15. You forgot to mention Jon's natural affection for Mance – who, by this theory, would be his father. As Mance came to know Jon beyond the Wall, he would have put the pieces together and realized that Jon was his son.

  16. estela z

    they did want to burn him and he screamed, right? he shouldn't be if he is a dragon…

  17. Guys, HBO know how to play with our feelings and theories, at this point of the story anything is possible. Ben Stark is alive, Khal Drogo, Robert Baratheon's bastards, mystery of Bran's journey to the north, Harpies… Just remember everyone believed dragons are dead…
    For what I know in Season 1 Arya chases a cat and ends up listening to a convo between Varis and some blond guy in the hood
    they are talking about having Eddard Stark dead. This unknown personality does not appear later in the story, or at least we don't notice it… That man could be anyone… Maybe even Rheagar Targaryen himself! Think for yourself.

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