The Wove Band: Don’t Call it a Smartwatch

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Published on February 2, 2016

The Wove Band by Polyera is the first wearable with a flexible touchscreen display. The devices won’t be publicly available until 2016, but Polyera CEO Phil Inagaki gave us a behind the scenes look at some prototypes, and talked with us about his design philosophy.

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The Wove Band: Don’t Call it a Smartwatch

  1. this vid is awesome and I hope we see more stuff like this in the future. on another note, the background music is really cool! what is it?

  2. xceeder

    I don't see how this is gonna work , you'd have to twist your wrist into uncomfortable positions to look at all the information…

  3. I like how the guy that explains the product isnt wearing one. Pft why would you wear your own product?

  4. nah i wont bring that thing outside. i sure that thing can be stolen easily

  5. Now make the an attachable band to the iWatch. Profit.

  6. that guy is waaaaay to happy

  7. How is the band going to adjust to wrist sizes? Unless they're different sizes.

  8. "… following that form factor for literally hundreds of years." Um, nope! #research

  9. Still the same as a watch just has a screen on the band. Still has a chunky section.

  10. So it's a smart-slap bracelet instead of watch lol i kid, I kid, maybe it'll be worth a look at once they show more

  11. This is very-very cool. An actual design with some brains in it. I wonder, what happens if I have a small wrist? Can I adjust the band? Will it be available in different sizes? I want to buy one as soon as it comes out.

  12. wkm001

    I think he wore that shirt on purpose. Sad…

  13. What happend to damage battle?

  14. looks like something I might actually buy. unlike everything else out there.

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