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Published on February 25, 2017

I’ve done this video before. Here is the Newest Version:)

  1. Kal Drogo and his blood rider when he ripped out his tongue. Jora and the other blood rider. Jora in the fighting pits. Standar and at the restaurant was nothing compared to Aria in bravos with the nobody girl.

  2. I feel like Ned could (emphasis on could) have taken Jamie. It's interesting how both he and Arthur Dayne ended up getting D-bagged from behind.

  3. All the flashbacks ruins the legends and mysteries

    Young edward stark looks like a weak pussy and the battle with arthur dyane was far from epic

    The reveal that the forest people created the white walkers ruined the mysteries of the white walkers orgin

    The mad king actor looks just silly and not as mad as the rumors said he was, they also forgot to give him a beard

    The show is good but it just goes out of hand, killing of ramsey in bullshit way, killing of wun wun, carsei killing of least 40% of the interesting characters.

    They will end the show with jon snow marrying Daenerys to suit the sjw audience

  4. Tarth vs little fingers men definitely deserved a place. I would have taken out ned stark vs Jamie. Although it was an classic match up the whole scene was really corny and the sword play dated

  5. 10:35 Jon Snow learned that spit trick from his fight with Cutter 😉

  6. honestly every villain in this show is an amazing actor accept for the mountain but that just cause of the character

  7. I get goosebumps when Brienne starts screaming while hitting Sandor with the rock. Amazing acting!

  8. The sad thing about the Hound vs Mountain fight was that the horse died a horny animal. No one deserves to go out with their pecker up like that.

  9. "You don't fight with honour!"
    "No…" points down "… he did!"

    I love Bronn! 😀

  10. I love the Brienne vs The Hound fight. It's basically like if an unstoppable force hit an immovable object. Great vid.

  11. the biggest problem with game of thrones is theirs too much good content. i can't rewatch it all a bunch of times and still have a life

  12. Jon Snow is like the only swordsmen who lost his sword every fight

  13. i get triggered every time i see the mountain kill oberyn i'm like "JUST FUCKING GET HIM TO CONFESS, WITH A DISTANCE OF AT LEAST 10 FEET" ffs

  14. Careful Kingslayer. He's killed orcs….. and not just any orcs, but Uruk-Hai.

  15. Looks like the white walker are nothing without thier cheat of a weapon

  16. Personally I would swap 2 with 1, Sir Arthur Dayne +1 taking on Lord Stark +5 and almost winning, if it wasn't for Reed stabbing him in the back, better than the Hound losing to Brienne. The rest of the Top 10 was pretty good. Lets hope they have a few flashbacks for this season of the Tourney of Harrenhal!

  17. NuEnque

    Khal Drogo ripped a man's tongue out threw his throat and that did not make the list? Where is Grey Worm?

  18. looks to me like someone forgot how Khal Drogo pulled out a mans tongue trough his sliced troath…. 😉

  19. great choice of music for the intro xd

  20. galera eu sou muito fã dessa série

  21. No 1; if only my wife could take a beating like Brienne can, it'd make for some really good Friday evenings.

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