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Published on January 14, 2016

Check out my picks for the Top 4 laptops for your #BestCollege experience available at Best Buy. Let me know which one suits you best in the comments below. Go to for more!

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  1. I'll have 4 Chrome tabs open…and League of Legends running in standby mode…on something running an Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4010U processor and 4 GB of RAM…I'm cheap….

  2. The Stream has like no hard drive space, though.

  3. No Apple laptops? I see….
    I got the 2015 MacBook Air, which has the same amount of storage and roughly the same processor as your special Surface Pro 3. Since Apple laptops can run Windows software as well as the more restrictive Mac OS, why didn't you rate it? Why didn't you rate any Apple laptop, for that matter? You really seem to be excluding them…

  4. I also can recomend you the Acer Aspire Switch 10. The cheapest one costs 270 Euro and has a 10,1HD multitouch display, an Intel Atom 4×1,33GHz Prozessor with intel HD4000 Graphics, 2GB RAM and 32GB Space. You can also have a fullHD display, 64, 128 or 628GB of Space. And the last one has 128GB SD and 500GB HDD.

  5. something went wrong with video processing.linus looks like zombie there.hehe

  6. hi guys i'm planning to buy a laptop. I don't really know if I should pick an i7 or i5. both laptops I have in mind share a Geforce 920m so does this affect performance? I would love to play Csgo/civ5/wot on it with acceptable graphics on at least 30 fps. Please answer if it would make sense If I choose an i5 over an i7.

  7. Got an used elitebook2570p for 250$ with a i5 and a 128 ssd.
    Second buy market is very good if you know where to look.

  8. I think a mac is at least #3 or #2 cuz my mom got a macbook pro (Mid 2012) She got it when it came out and I'm using it right now and she did not have any problems and plus its a easy and non-geek friendly

  9. I feel like he forgot that people in College dont have money :/

  10. best college laptop is the macbook pro or surface pro

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