Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops 2016 | Ultimate Gaming Laptop (Slim, Lightweight) 2016

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Published on March 15, 2016

In this video, We will show you our Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops (Slim and Lightweight) in 2016 or Top 5 Best Ultimate Gaming Laptop 2016
This video is for who want to buy the best gaming laptop with high quality, high performance, smooth, thinnest, slim and beautiful such as Dell, HP, Aorus Lenovo and MSi.
You’ll not regret all of that, All of these laptop comes with GTX 950m, GTX 960M and GTX 970m GPU series that are ready for high end games with high to ultra settings.
And for who have old computer or Low End PC you also can play game high graphic like PC high ultra setting, Check it out !!!

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If You Want to Buy All of This Laptops

■ HP Pavilion 15 (0:18)
■ Dell Inspiron i7559 (1:15)
■ Aorus X3 Plus V3 (2:30)
■ Lenovo Y700 (3:53)
■ MSI GS60 Ghost Pro (5:02)

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  1. this is a horrible video. why are the descriptions behind your logo????????????? idiotic!!!

  2. Between HP Pavilion 15 and Dell Inspiron i7559 which one should i choose? Need help!!

  3. Thank you so much 🙂 11K hope this one get more than i think :), this is just beginner of my gaming laptops

  4. Is 1. the best or is 5. the best?

  5. Feaking loved the vid bruhh keep em comin!!

  6. what about the aspire v nitro black edition isn't a good choice?

  7. I have the dell 15 i7559 runs terrible on battery trust me

  8. Vy New

    msi oh i damn love this one

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