Top 5 Smartphones Under $300! (2015)

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Home Mobile Phones Top 5 Smartphones Under $300! (2015)
Published on February 4, 2016

Best budget smartphones of 2015!

Xiaomi mi 4i:

2015 Moto G
Moto E

Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3

Asus ZenPhone 2

Honorable mentions:

Sony Xperia M2 Microsoft Lumia 640


Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


  1. You should definitely do more Zenfone reviews. Those things sell like hotcakes in here and a lot of other countries. Would be nice to know if they're actually worth getting :D

  2. I always watched and liked your videos! and finally I bought an Idol 3! It was so cheap plus so stock-android-like. I love it!

  3. DerpyXD

    Lol. The xiaomi in this video sucks ass compared to the newer xiaomi Redmi 3

  4. it's supposed to be "Zenfone", not "Zenphone".

  5. can u do a review on xiaomi mi 4i

  6. a nexus 6 can now be found for a little over 300$ is it worth it vs the phones you've recommend?

  7. Please do a full review on the one touch idol 3!!!

  8. Is there much a difference with this asus Zenphone and the laser one that came out?is the laser better?

  9. You're 300$ phone's cost 500$ in my country ;_;

  10. Cognate

    My phone never over saturates from any angle, but it is reflective!

    This phone is about $180 Canadian, but I got it on sale for $130 Canadian!

    This phone is pretty good so far and is worth it for the price.

  11. Xiamo MI4 Or Asus zenfone 2 LASER ?@Marquees Brownlee

  12. I'm divided between the Idol 3 and the Zenfone 2. I really like the Alcatel's design and speakers. I know the Zenfone is more powerful but it's also more expensive. Prices are a little different in my region. Also I rarely game on phones because I'm not a fan of touch screen controls and I don't have the time anyway. So I'm not sure I'll benefit from a better processor and more ram. Any advice?

  13. ZTE ZMAX 2 has blown my mind! Great camera and buttery smooth plus daylight viewable.

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