Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2016(will change your smartphone experience) – 2

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Home Mobile Phones Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2016(will change your smartphone experience) – 2
Published on January 20, 2016

Here is the list of most innovative upcoming smartphones in 2016….

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#List #

1. SAMSUNG flexible phone
2. Google Project Ara
3. iphone 7 and iPhone 7 plus
5.noki f1 ( Nokia flexible band)

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  1. Really this mobile phone will come

  2. Really this mobile 0 hone will come

  3. soon Apple is going to next Nokia

  4. how you got more views in just few months?

  5. The Iphone 7 is the least most impressive piece of tech in this entire video. At least do something innovative like transparent phone, 3D holographic projections, allow it bend and connect around your wrist like a watch then unsnap into a phone or upgrade the hardware a little more.

  6. I honestly feel bad for the people that buy the iPhone 7. If the specs are like that on the actual phone it will be the exact same thing as android.

  7. So then iphone 7 is a galaxy s6… Now that's innovation

  8. So then iPhone 7 is a Galaxy s6… Now that's innovation
    Google's phone seems to be as uninspired as ever, cmon replaceable screen? Whata joke, who needs that anyway… At all, who can compete with Apple's creativity?
    Did you see? iWidget, that's just brilliant. It's not like Android had this feature years ago.

  9. masomaf

    I dont think the iphone 7 thing is real..they never give away information so early

  10. what are the megapixels of iPhone7's
    front camera

  11. iphone 7 concept look bad design

  12. Samsung Flexible Phone: incredibly ugly. The screen doesn't break?? Give us a break! When something displays those ugly colours, it should actually break – into a million pieces!
    ARA: truly ugly. Change the design radically – that phone deserves it!
    iPhone 7: it looks like an HTC phone.
    They made it bigger, and still only four icons on a row!!
    SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 edge: what's the practical side of the "Edge"?
    noki f1: is the woman part of the phone? We might not need her. If not, why is she shown? Where does the SIM card go? Can the band take pictures?
    Overall: incomplete toys.

  13. samsung flexible phone is like a junk

  14. Android phone are innovative

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