Top Smartphones in 2015 Under Rs. 15000

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Home Mobile Phones Top Smartphones in 2015 Under Rs. 15000
Published on March 16, 2016

Top smartphones priced under Rs. 15,000 in India. This is our list of best smartphone below Rs. 15,000, you can watch our separate reviews on these below:

  1. Update your video now. It is really outdated within 2 months bcoz of Letv Le 1s & Redmi Note 3.

  2. Please help me to choose a bast mobile for rough a & top use, multitasking and most useful in emergency in RS15000 with best service. Please reply me M request you.


  4. moto ge is overpriced same specs as a6000plus whichis 7k rs phone j7 should be on 1st list build quality and water resistant doesnot judge overall

  5. when does xiaomi redmi note 3 available in india?

  6. are you going to do a review on cell phones under 20k n 25k ???

  7. what to buy a5 or moto g3. or sujjest under17k

  8. Mi 4 should be at no1 position,best display,best camera and best performance at that price.

  9. non flagship samsung phones are a joke. And, mi 4i is far better than the samsung phones on your list.

  10. sir which mobile phone will be your suggestion for me

  11. Sir I want buy a mobile phone I planned to moto g turbo and k4 note

  12. Lenovo K4 Note (Top 3) and Honor 6 (Honorable Mention) are sadly missed here.
    Lenovo Vibe P1 is actually another good one.

  13. +PhoneBunch​ Excellent review. Unlike others, you rated these phones on user experience and not by specifications. I totally agree with your list.

  14. U didn't mention mi 4 doesn't have 4g

  15. Don't agree! Download 91mobiles and compare j7 and moto g3

  16. very bad list….
    hands down Xiaomi Mi4 and Honor 6 are the best that u can get, and geekyranjit once told if u get anything under 15k from those bigger brands like samsung, motorola or sony lg etc ITS GARBAGE, microsoft is a garbage anyway

  17. very disappointed to see two Samsung devices in list while there are many way better than those especially mi4 or k4 note

  18. mi 4 should be the no 1 its is better than in moto g3 in camera display performance. only cons single sim and 16 gb memory but many could manage with that like me and just because these two cons its not even in top 5 not fair. it must be no2 if not 1.

  19. How is microsoft lumia 540? Is it worth for 10000?

  20. 3:40 Please do this in your all reviews at least for 1 image. So that we'll get to know how sharp it is…
    Please please please

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