Top Smartwatch Question #3: How good is GPS? Part 2

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Home Watches Top Smartwatch Question #3: How good is GPS? Part 2
Published on November 14, 2016

There are certain questions that are asked over and over in the comment section of these videos. This miniseries will be an attempt to answer the top questions in a way that, hopefully, satisfies each viewers’ unique concern. This video addresses the third most asked question, “How good is GPS?” in a Part 2 supplement to the original answer. If you are viewing this video by following a link you were given as a response to a question you have asked, then please watch the video as your answer is probably covered.

  1. waow.. ilk yorum ilk beğeni :D

  2. Hello you tried water resistance? the zeblaze blitz? thank you very much

  3. Hi Mr Ticks
    Nice video, you have quite the collection of smart watches. Size of the antenna within the strap will play a factor in the gps. Only a few square millimetres can make a difference. Also the magnetic resonance from your the alternating current in you roof will weaken the available digital indoors. The watch hears this as ambient noise over the GPS.
    Considering that these are such a tiny devise all performed well.
    I am waiting for the release of the X5 plus before I take the plunge.
    Keep up the excellent works.

  4. my Kw88 is coming tomorrow DHL from China..looking forward

  5. Hi Mr Ticks great videos again,very good info for buying these smartwatches, I also tried the Z80 and found it excellent in my area on the Eastern shores of Lake Ontario ,on my wrist indoors and out doors,I just can't miss any of your videos, Thanks

  6. ajay ng

    very nice video. But one request Will it be possible for you to show how the google maps looks in these watches ?

  7. Whats the best Smart watch phone on the market ?

  8. Hello, Gearbest says that you can replace the straps for No.1 d5 plus, i even wrote to support to check that out, they say, that u can replace them. You in previously video about straps said that it is not possible because of the gps sensors. some proof of question section of No.1 d5 plus gearbest. . Who is right?

  9. What do you think is the best watch running android 5.1

  10. Any chance of some advice. Wife wants a SmartWatch to avoid taking her phone into work and fitness track. What do you recommend.

    I was looking at the,X01 / M7 for myself as it has sim and tf ports. Can put my music on it and fitness track etc. Same again, any recommendations?

  11. Dear SmartWatch Ticks,I have a 100$, Which Smart Watch is the best for this money ? What should I buy ? In my head ı want to No.1 D5+, what do you think ?

  12. Dave D

    Hello! Finow has announced the X5+ and the Q3+ for next month! I hope you get to show us these watches soon! Along with the new KW98 which looks awesome on the few pics available!

  13. Thanks for this very good video.

  14. You don't test them indoors. You go outside.

  15. not to tech savy can u help with supersonic sc64sw SmartWatch 12/15 release date

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