Top5 Coolest Smartphone Accessories 2015

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Published on March 6, 2016

Smartphones are beginning to transform how we engage in our everyday lives. Only a few years ago, they were still the minority of mobile phones around the globe, but already they’re beginning to transform how we engage in our everyday lives. So we’ve created a video about Top 5 Useful Smartphone accessories you may need.

Credits and links to products/projects-

0:07 Piece-
1:50 droPrinter-
3:37 KiiTAG2-
5:15 Sesame-
7:01 thingCHARGER-
Audio credits:
Music used- A New Leaf by Silent Partner.
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  1. The piece guy has the most annoying way of talking.

  2. drop printer will never be something i want or need lol

  3. get a dual Sim card phone instead of piece of shit

  4. Most of these gadgets are awesome, but as they are not available to everyone worldwide, what is the use when one can not get them locally!!

  5. Le Comx

    Kiitag 2 is a dead project…

  6. Anyone else think of the GameBoy Printer @ 1:50?

  7. I love this channel. Keep up the great work!

  8. Surely just having a dual sim phone negates the "piece" thingy?

  9. I live in Malaysia but I lost my Piece in USA
    Can I still hear that beep?

  10. This channel is severely underrated. Great video!

  11. Awesome as usual haha 4:50
    I like Kiitag2 actually all of them are awesome.

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