Toshiba Qosmio X70 Gaming Laptop Review

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Published on March 20, 2016

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  1. Lol my laptop is 4 years old and it's GTX 670M is about even with the GPU in this 1500 Euro laptop.

  2. Why on earth Toshiba would put an AMD card on a notebook, is beyond me. AMD is known for being both loud AND super hot. You don't want that in a gaming laptop, specially when it doesn't have much space/ventilation. Toshiba needs to step up their game if they want to compete.

  3. bob

    I have a similar model (well its a few steps down) with the same layout to this one and a huge problem (and probably the only problem) is the cooling system and where the heat comes out. Its on the right hand side where I, and a majority of right handed people, hold the mouse (the track pad doesn't work). My thumb can get very hot when the laptop decides to have a hisses fit and starts getting very loud even when its not being used. It really annoying.

  4. i own a Toshiba satellite laptop that had Windows 8.1 now it has windows 10 it is 17ichs

  5. the price is the key aspect to determine if it is good or not. as you mention all the flaws are good if they mean better price, since you always plug a gaming laptop and use it with mouse.

  6. The mouse track not working is a security feature, it makes robbers think twice before stealing the laptop.

  7. The laptop heats up because it's a winter edition. it is designed to save you money on heating bill. the fan helps to hear up your room faster

  8. You are wrong. The battery is 4 hours, just uninstall windows and install Linux and you will see that the manual is correct.

  9. For some reason I know this laptop will not last for long

  10. ok… So if I saw that right has Intel processor and AMD card? (or visa versa) I thought generally mixing products like that isn't greatest optomization. or is that something that is in the past. short personal exp… whenever if mixed products they blow up in three years. and my full Intel machine is still going strong for 5 years now.

  11. Its a piece of crap and it looks like shit. I have no idea what these retarded companies are thinking in 2016.

  12. Rico


  13. I like you reviews because of the very honest and practical perspective of the device. Excellent work Dave!

  14. It's funny, because I owned an older edition of one of Toshiba's gaming laptops, and this one has the same issues. Overheating was always a problem, the display was a little weird when angled, but the trackpad was alright all give it that. I was curious to see if Toshiba has improved on anything with this newer edition. Apparently not.

  15. the Dell i have is loud as fuck so i can get over all the flaws it has

  16. "8GB SSD for OS"


  17. Old cpu – 4 generation Intel Haswell ..
    7 out of 10 reasonable but no more.

  18. Just get a 1000€ desktop gaming computer and a comfortable 500€ portable notebook. You will have two and much better cost effective computers.

  19. Hate to be devils advocate, but for a little bit more money, one could purchase a 5K iMac. I know what I would choose.

  20. For some reason,you seem to review a lot of toshiba stuff.Its kinda weird coz it seems Tohiba is n't much talked about and out of vogue these days when it comes to PCs.

  21. I built a desktop computer with better specs for under a 1000. this is just a rip off.

  22. just me thinking out of the box….considering the fact the screen is 17.3 but I always feel like the huge display is always the cause of this fast draining of battery other than the OS

  23. Hoda Aboulfateh

    جميل جدا

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