U8 vs iRulu Smartwatch from eBay

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Published on January 24, 2016

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  1. my u8 has the same software as your irulu. wth?

  2. which is better?the irulu one or the u8 one?

  3. i have a u8 watch all it is is a way to see all ur push notafitacions so if inporten u will be ok

  4. July 26

    How about the U10 is it better than these?

  5. It's only 5pound in UK. cheaper than a pizza LOL so Iam planning to get one today

  6. can any of those two watches read pdf files…….plez reply

  7. I just had two u8's in, i bought them cheaper as EBAY sellers try to make a buck. I order them directly from china, for about 12usd. I still have to review them on my channel, the biggest issue i found. Is the horrible BT notifier app which lack support and stability…

    But for the price i paid, i cannot really moan about it's overall well performance and options.

  8. Cool I just bought one and u helped a lot Coz I was really unsure how to set it up

  9. 9.99 thats right 9.99 gets you a u8 watch white or black only on amazon. come getem now. ships from hong kong 10 to 30 days. seller is e mall

  10. What is the best Chinese smart watch you can get now ?!

  11. Sticking to u8 until I get a LG G watch

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