Unboxing Laptop Knit & Loom Kit by Horizon with Red Heart Yarn

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Home Computers & Laptops Unboxing Laptop Knit & Loom Kit by Horizon with Red Heart Yarn
Published on March 25, 2016

Opening the Laptop Knit & Loom Kit by Horizon Group; with Red Heart Yarn that I worked on the instruction book last summer (2014).

  1. TV Diva

    Interesting product. It's not for me, but I can definitely see a market for it. Thanks for reviewing!

  2. That's pretty decent looking for the money!  :)

  3. My big question is "how well to the pegs stay in the holes?" Because on my plastic looms, I have glued most of the pegs in permanently b/c they frequently come out. This is not a problem on the CinDwood Looms since they are glued in already. It's an interesting idea, but I think it's better to have several really good quality looms like CDW.

  4. That's cool. I just got one for Christmas and went to youtube to look for videos for the different stitches because I'm a visual learner and the photos weren't enough. I ended up on your channel for them lol

  5. What a cool idea. Someone was thinking.

  6. c&m

    thanks . cool

  7. just bought this for my son for Christmas $25 @ Walmart hope he enjoys it he did ask for it lol

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