Unboxing Review DZ09 SmartWatch With Camera For Android SmartPhone With Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp

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Published on December 14, 2016

Time codes from the video,
Click blue time and it will take you straight to that part of the video,
2:20 – Speaker port in the back of the watch
2:36 – Watch is not waterproof glass is not scratch resistant

2:58 – Screen protectors available from ebay
3:18 – How to set standby clock face choice of 3
4:27 – How to get to main menu on the smart watch

4:46 – Turn the sound this is done through the profiles menu
5:25 – Turn watch on & off with sound on
5:36 – How fast does this watch boot up

6:32 – Functions available on this watch
6:40 – Where is the QR code
7:15 – Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp apps

8:40 – Quality of the watch camera
10:48 – Watch settings
11:35 – Charging cable

11:55 – Close up of the instruction booklet
13:44 – Not all DZ09’s have Facebook Twitter & Whatsapp
14:08 – How to find this version of watch

15:00 – Talking about Micro SD card & SIM Card slot
15:18 – Touchscreen specifications and resolution
15:56 – Colours available

16:20 – China stock not crushed, UK stock was crushed
16:58 – Black version of the DZ09 from the UK
18:40 – Quick look at the Black version slightly different OS

19:25 – DZ09 runs it’s own custom operating system
19:40 – QR code location
20:25 – What the QR code takes links you to

21:10 – Shut watch down and remove the back cover
22:00 – Battery specifications
22:35 – See memory card & SIM card slots
24:55 – Close up of the microphone port and camera

I will be reviewing a couple of i watch clones soon on this channel,
I will do a comparison between DZ09 and the clones,
It could take 4 to 6 weeks from end of Dec 2016,

****This watch does not store old messages,

Welcome to my video of the DZ09 Smart Watch,

All functions should work with Android phones,

It is pronounced DZ zero 9,
I may of got you confused in the video,

Most sellers say it only has basic functions when using ios,
Confirm with the seller if it’s worth getting for an i phone,

This video is a bit more in depth, this is why it is so long, sorry about that,

A thing I did notice was when you take out the battery and put it back it in,

The date and time will need resetting,

Yes I did pay £9.19 for this smart watch,
Price correct October 2016,
It was bought from China though,

Normally that takes 2 weeks but this time it took 6 weeks to arrive so bear that in mind if you buy from China,

But if you do buy from the UK be aware you may get a squashed one like the one at the end of the video, the strap may straighten or break completely,

The black one cost me more at £9.99 but only took 3 working days to arrive,

I wanted a white one so I paid a little bit more than the others available from China,

To find these on Ebay type in DZ09 watch,
And click cheapest + P & P first at the top of the page,

Sellers are also selling a cheaper smart watch called the U80,

I do not know if this U80 watch is any good or not,

This watch works with an a phone app called Fundo app,

You will also need to download the BT notification app as well,

The QR code on the watch should direct you to the website where you can download these apps,

Or go on Google Play Store if you want a safer site to download the apps,

Not all DZ09’s are the same there are at least 4 different firmware versions,

Not all have all 3 of the popular apps pre loaded on the watch,

These are Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp,

These 3 apps do need a SIM card in the watch to be able to use them though,

If they don’t say in the description of the listing ask the seller before you buy, just to be safe ask them even if it does say as it could be an old description,

Technical specifications,

SIM Card Type = Micro SIM Card,
Frequency = GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz,
Bluetooth 3.0,
Storage RAM 128M / ROM 64M
External Memory = Support TF card up to 32 GB,
Watch Display = Touch Screen 1.56″ TFT LCD, 240 x 240 Pixels,
Screen Type = Capacitive,
Camera = 0.3 MP VGA,

Picture Format = JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG,
Music Format = MP3, WAV
Video Format = MP4,

English, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese & Russian,

Bluetooth Dialer,
Call Reminder,
Anti Lost,
Sleep Monitor,
Sedentary Reminder,

Battery = 380mAh,
Talking time = 3 hours,
Standby time = 180 Hours,
USB charging port = Mini USB 5 pin,

Charging cable supplied,
As well as a basic instruction booklet,

Size of the watch body,
These are only rough measurements,
39mm Wide,
55mm Top to bottom,
13mm Thick,

Another you tuber has mentioned that there was a problem with a U80 watch bought from China,

It had a QR code which linked to a 3rd party app that then sent encrypted data back to China, ???

They don’t know what the data contained, it could be innocent or malicious the people who found this out are still investigating it,

There is an app on the play store called Fundo SmartDevice which should be safer.

  1. Why it only show me Last notification instead of all of them?

  2. Plz sir give suggest if this not help then which watch is good for test price must be low

  3. So it is best watch dz09 is around way other day I watch for test exam also.

  4. Best watch for test.jpg file zooming option is there.

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