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Published on August 18, 2016


  1. Thanks for the review. I was sitting on the fence between k88h and another smart watch but I've decided to buy k88h!

  2. Hi can you tel me what battery backup i can expect .

  3. love your reviews. ..how much is a decent smart watch go for text

  4. 3 days in using this watch & its total piece of junk. Battery life for 2h without using anything. I cant turn sleep monitor coz its drains battery in 2 h of sleep & watch just shut down & start to restart with "low battery" message & that annoying start watch noise no fun at all in the middle of the night. Absolutely unusable if u cant access to charger every 2hours. I got same watch for my husband & his doing the same thing – always battery low every 2 hours. Our fun from this watch lasted only 1st day when battery life was about 6h & we could try pedometer & other stuff. Now its just non stop charging job.

  5. Hi Jake, I have received the watch yesterday, the design was awesome but i have few probs here, i wonder you are able to advice me on it.
    1.why does the sound of the notification are so loud when i have set it to lvl 1.
    2. is there possibility to disable to start up song when the watch switches on.
    3. is the watch able to update to the latest software. ( if can how does it work )
    4. the screen protector can be purchase or can it DIY ourself by using normal phone screen protector.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. i bought this watch yesterday & without this video I wouldnt know how to turn it on 1st time. It doesnt sync to great with iphone 90% of tries is "sync failed" But it takes remote picture with iphone camera & it plays music from iphone which is quite useless to me. And it wont turn off 🙁 Doesnt support messages. What is MainUI?

  7. Dr.Jaike, is message feature works on iPhone ? On mine doesn't work ? any suggestion ?

  8. Thanks for the review! I've been thinking about this smartwatch, and you helped me to decide.

  9. thanks Dr. Jake. I tried lowing the sound but when u disconnected from your phone the watch is still loud. so i see there is no way to add app. But on the other hand nice watch.

  10. How can I turn off the loud disconnect sound, and also can you download apps from the Android Google play store?

  11. Hi, Any ideas on how to install more watch faces and i don't understand how to add more apps. the instructions say you can but does not explain how….

  12. Great review.Think I'm gonna get this now.

  13. I think it's an oversight to not tell your views that 10-15% of the display circle is cut off at the bottom eg you can't see the '6' position on the analogue clock face

  14. does the button work with google now? Also, on android is there an alternative to the app you mentioned as I've heard bad things about it?

  15. Can u get more apps for the watch?

  16. Hey Jake! Great review! I bought the watch from gearbeast like 2 weeks ago (june 26), and I wanted to know long it took to ship to you? I got the priority shipping (7-15 days). Thanks in advance!

  17. cool watch .. like the siri option.. I will surely get for daughters.. thanks for review of the watch.

  18. Does it record video? If not can you suggest the best watch for videos. Please and thank you!!!

  19. gave me confidence to buy this smart watch. thank you

  20. Hyptex

    The music in this video got really annoying quickly, just saying.

  21. does it keep beeping like AiWatch if you loosing BT-connect with smartphone?

  22. Hi jake, is it better than iwo 1:1 smartwatch?

  23. Jake, I have just ordered 1 unit.

    May i know, is the watch water resistant and does the watch able to use camera on iphone?
    Hope to hear from you soon :)

  24. can you make and receive calls with this watch

  25. What about the water resistant and battery life? Greqt review btw

  26. What about the water resistant and battery life? Greqt review btw

  27. I have a question

    Is there a possibility of changing the language to Arabic?

  28. Thanks for the link.. this is way much better than the previous one will look for it on Amazon

  29. Hi, great review. I Have a big issue. With IOS, when I receive a call I can see the number but not the name even though I sync the adress book. Onother one, I can'T choose what kind of notification to receive. Any help? Thankyou

  30. Jake can u do a giveaway with this watch?

  31. Hey Jake…you can make calls right?

  32. This is so weird I just bought one of these and I was going to ask you to review it!

  33. theres another watch with siri called v360. could you review that too

  34. Jake can you do a giveaway with this watch?

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